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(Contains: strong language)

Chapter Seven: SnowEd in Battle.

We come to a quiet forest in the middle of winter, where the trees were pristine with little icicle droplets hanging from the leaves. All was quiet until a portal opened up. The first to come out of the portal was Eddy and Timmy. The second was Ed and Spongebob landing on them. The last three were Edd, Jimmy and Danny who landed with Edd on top.

"Get off!" Eddy shouted as he pushed the stacked heroes off of him.

"Where the heck are we?" Timmy asked.

"Somewhere in a forest." Danny examined.

"And it seems our clothes changed to match the scenery." Spongebob stated. They were all in different colored winter weather clothes. Ed had on a Russian like hat, and a green parka, with his sword strapped to his back. Edd was in a dark brown parka with his hat still the same, his Comet Staff and spell book in a satchel secured around his shoulder. Eddy was in a yellow parka with a vertical red stripe on front, his Scythe strapped to his back. Danny was in a black parka with his D insignia on the right arm of it. His katana was in a black hilt at the belt of his outfit. Timmy was in a pink parka with a yellow star on the shoulder, his bow and quiver at his back. Jimmy was in a red parka with his neutron symbol on its chest, his javelin at his back. Spongebob was in a white parka, his gauntlets still on his fists.

"I suggest we look around and find civilization." Edd suggested. They soon began to explore the forest and came across a small town. They walked into town to see it was very old fashioned.

"Strange. It seems this world is in different era." Jimmy summarized.

"Excuse me," Danny walked over to a man. "Do you know what date it is? Also what's this town called?" Danny asked politely.

"It's November 19th, 1928. And this is Nome, Alaska." The man replied, before walking off.

"So that explains it, we're in the 20th Century." Edd proclaimed.

"Why couldn't we go to one when its the 21st Century?" Timmy asked.

"We should start looking for the gem. But we have no clue as to where it is." Danny suggested.

"On the contrary Danny, we do have clues on how to find it." Edd smiled. "Remember our teachers told us what the gems are. Ice, Thunder, Light, Pride, Heart, Mind, and Love. Also Alaska is home to some snow wolves, which happen to be the same type of animal as the warrior of ice."

"Alright, so all we have to do is find a place crawling with wolves." Spongebob stated.

"I don't think-" Edd was cut off by a shriek of terror. The town was being overrun by purple canine ice creatures, big and small.

"Looks like that'll have to wait, we have to crush some ice." Danny stated. As soon as they pulled out their weapons their clothes changed back into their warrior form.

"Lothar shall defeat them!" Ed shouted swinging his sword into the big ones, which broke on impact from the blow. Timmy began shooting arrows with TNT at some creature's heads, exploding on impact. Danny charged at a large one and sliced it through the middle. Eddy charged at a group of them and spun around, slicing their heads off with his scythe. Jimmy pole-vaulted into the mouth of one of them, accidentally pressing a hidden button on the javelin making it extend through the ice creature's body, destroying it instantly. Spongebob ran through the battle punching and kicking each ice creature that charged at him. Edd was using a living fireball spell so it would destroy the creatures for him. As soon as the creatures were destroyed, more appeared in their place.

"There's too many of them! We're gonna have to lead them away from town!" Jimmy shouted. With that the seven warriors ran out of the town with the ice creatures following close behind. The creatures were gaining on them fast, and even at Danny and Ed's speed they couldn't outrun them forever. When they were a safe distance away from the town, Ed turned and threw an aura sphere at the leading creature. Upon impact the blast took out the whole pack of creatures chasing them.

"That was awesome, you got to teach me that move!" Timmy smiled at Ed.

"Ok, now we need to find the ice gem, and get back to volcano island so we can go to the next world." Danny proclaimed.

"Well, we need to know more information about the gem though." Edd suggested.

"On it." Jimmy pulled out his PDA, and began to tinker with it. "I can link up an inter-dimensional link to the Volcano's TV screen and...voila." Jimmy showed them the PDA with a live video feed of the four teachers and Maximus.

"Good to see that you made it through the portal well, chosen ones." Maximus stated.

"Hey Maximus, can you tell us more about the gems? Specifically the ice gem." Danny asked.

"The Ice Gem; it belongs to the most unique person of the group. It allows its user to handle degrees below 0, and bend the snow to their will." Maximus explained. "The gem allows the user to grow wolf ears and a tail as well."

"Would the user of the Ice Gem create creatures of Ice as well?" Edd asked.

"Yes, its very useful." Maximus stated. Before he could explain more, an ice spear impaled the PDA, which made Jimmy drop it. They turned to see who fired the ice spear, and saw a twelve year old girl. She had on a light blue hoodie with snow dazzling off it, blue jeans and a necklace with a snowflake gem around her neck. Her pupils were dark purple with black surrounding them.

"Sarah!" the Eds exclaimed in unison.

"Sarah?" the Nicktoons questioned in unison.

"Sarah is Ed's bratty sister." Eddy proclaimed.

"Although, she stopped being mean to Ed when she saw Eddy's brother." Edd stated.

"Why are you here baby sister?" Ed asked.

"I serve the mighty Gawmu, and now that I have the Ice Gem he shall be most pleased." Sarah growled. "But while I'm here, why don't I just off the seven threats to his mission?"

"Who?" Ed questioned which made the others face-palm.

"You guys! God you're an idiot!" Sarah growled. She smashed her fist to the ground, causing ice spears to shoot out of the snow and at the heroes. They immediately used their aura shields to defend, causing the ice needles to break on impact.

"Sarah! Don't throw stuff!" Ed shouted.

"Sarah don't throw stuff." Sarah mocked her brother's tone.

"Guys we got to get that necklace off of her!" Danny was about to charge at Sarah, katana at the ready, only to be tackled to the ground by Ed.

"You can't hurt my sister!" Ed shouted.

"But Ed she has the Ice Gem!" Danny shouted at Ed.

"Still, you can't hurt her." Ed screamed back at him.

"Oh Ed, so stupid and innocent. I'll put that on your tombstone." Sarah stated as she launched a spiked ice ball at the two sword carrying heroes. Danny placed an ecto shield around the two of them, blocking the ball.

"So we can't attack her? How are we going to get the necklace off of her?" Danny questioned.

"I got it. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof I wish the necklace was off of Sarah and that she was back to normal." Timmy exclaimed, as his three 'computer programs' appeared.

"Say goodbye Ice Witch!" Cosmo shouted, as the three waved their wands, only to get a 'pbht' noise from them.

"What's going on?" Timmy asked. Suddenly a ringtone came into sound [Blow- By Ke$ha]. Eddy blushed and reached into his pocket.

"You have a Ke$ha ringtone?" Danny questioned.

"Shut up! Hello?" Eddy answered his phone.

"Yeah Eddy is this a bad time?" Ben grinned as he could hear Eddy dodging a few ice spears.

"What the hell do you want?" Eddy asked.

"Well, pass this to Timmy, the gems are immune to fairy magic." Ben stated.

"Oh gee I think we figure that out when his wish didn't work!" Eddy shouted.

"Also, tell Danny that the gem can't be removed by his ghost powers." Ben stated, as Danny charged at Sarah making his body intangible. When he made contact with the gem he got a nasty shock and was thrown back into a tree.

"Ow..." Danny groaned.

"Well that's all pipsqueak, enjoy your journey." Ben hanged up.

"Oh I hope I get to kick his balls again!" Eddy growled, before dodging a few ice needles thrown at him. Ed stood up and dodged a few ice balls thrown at him. Sarah growled and encased Ed in an ice pillar up to his neck.

"Sarah don't do this!" Ed shouted.

"Good bye Ed. Forever." Sarah stated, as she made an ice sword. Before she could impale his heart with it, she was tackled to the ground by a brown wolf/dog creature. The wolf growled at her before removing the Ice Gem from her neck, causing the ice pillar encasing Ed and her ice sword to melt away. Ed turned to the wolf and smiled.

"Thanks noble Doggy." Ed smiled petting the wolf/dog.

"It was nothing." The canine spoke.

"Doggy can talk?" Ed picked up the canine.

"Ed are you feeling alright?" Spongebob walked over to Ed.

"Spongebob this Doggy can talk!" Ed held up the wolf/dog in front of Spongebob's face.

"My name is Balto, not Doggy." Balto spoke.

"Uh Ed? He just barked." Danny stated.

"But I heard him." Ed proclaimed.

Edd walked over to the group, as he did he began to hold his head in pain.

"Double D, are you ok?" Ed asked.

When Edd looked up he saw a small box above Ed's head that read: [Status: Normal. New Ability acquired: Wolf Speak.].

"I'm telling you guys he talked." Ed stated.

"He's right." Edd proclaimed, causing everyone to look at him weirdly. "I don't know why, its just a feeling I have."

"Well maybe its one of those dormant abilities that have awakened?" Spongebob suggested. "Perhaps Ed's ability is to talk to wolves?"

"It would make sense." Jimmy muttered. As they talked, a weird plant-like creature crept underneath the snow.

"So what's he saying?" Timmy asked.

"We should probably get that glowing thing before that girl gets it." Balto stated, causing Ed to see turn and see Sarah reaching for the Ice Gem.

"Sarah! NO!" Ed shouted. Just as Sarah was about to get the gem, she was stopped by a strange ring binding her arm. They turned to see Edd with his Comet Staff a' glowin'.

"It was necessary," Edd stated as he picked up the Ice Gem. "I think this Ice Gem should go to Ed."

"Yay!" Ed smiled as he was handed the Ice Gem, he placed it around his neck. "To me my ice minions!" Ed shouted, though nothing happened.

"Maybe you need to activate it or something." Spongebob touched the Ice Gem.

"First we should question little miss smart mouth." Eddy had his scythe pointed at Sarah.

"Perhaps we should see if this will help." Edd waves his wand over Sarah causing a circle to appear under her with strange markings on it. She began to scream a bit causing Ed to worry.

"What are you doing to her?!" Ed charged at Edd only too be blocked by a forcefield. The screaming seized from Sarah as she began to vomit purple ooze from her mouth. As she did her eyes began to turn from black to white, and her pupils turned into two pink pearls.

"My head hurts." Sarah groaned holding her head in pain.

"Sarah are you ok?" Ed asked. Before Sarah could respond the plant-like creature jumped out of the snow, snatching not only Ed's sister, but his Ice Gem as well. The plant creature took off into the forest.

"Sarah!" Ed shouted as he began to chase after the plant creature with the others following close behind. The plant creature was fast, and when they were out of the forest they saw a huge green castle. The one thing on the castle that made the Eds heart race was the smiley face on the front.

"Johnny!" The Eds shouted simultaneously.

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors of the Wild Ch.7
Here's chapter seven of Warriors Of The Wild at ya. 

I really hope to get some writing courage back by reposting these. I do not own the cartoons used in this.

:iconghostdog123765: shall try to ride again
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Chapter 6: Graduation Day...

Edd was reading another journal entry:

Journal Entry #35: July 21st.

Today was an average summer day. Damian was doing some meditation techniques, Denny was off looking for someone to fight with as usual. I was helping Jeremiah with his come-puter, hoping that my magic crystals could power it. Thomas walked off to see where Denny went, Devin went along with Thomas to help. When Thomas returned, Denny's wing was severed and it looked like he was almost killed. I wondered where Devin was until I heard his wolf cry for help. I requested that Jeremiah help with Denny's wounds, while the others and I went to see what was happening to Dev. When we got there we saw Devin was bleeding: he had many slash wounds all over his body. We saw his attacker was a strange demon who looked human. His hair was gray and had dog ears similar to Devin's andhe was in a red traditional Chinese outfit. His blade was almost as big as Devin's and its hilt guard had fur on it. I was confused as to why Devin was losing. He would've been able to defeat that demon in his current warrior form. Though that thought was soon reduced to wet tissue paper, as Devin began to revert back into his human form. The demon was walking closer to Devin. I panicked and gave away the element of surprise by putting a ring of binding on the red dressed demon.

The demon was able to cut through my spell as if it was nothing. I wondered if this warrior was a new type of enforcer sent by the Mawgu. It was hard to believe that this enforcer slashed straight through Denny's wing, and was able to bring Devin to the point of exhaustion. Still I didn't want to take any chances. Jeremiah came along in a horse drawn carriage with Denny in the back. I levitated Devin into the carriage while the others piled in. Jeremiah drove the carriage as fast as it could go. I thought our troubles were over, until I saw the demon was keeping up with us on foot. I decided to cut the demon's efforts short and opened a portal to Maximus' world, allowing us to get away from the demon in time. After going through, I closed the portal before the demon could enter. I don't know what world that was, but I never want to go there again.

End of journal entry...

Edd was beginning to wonder about this journal and who it belonged to. His thoughts were soon shattered by Ed yawning loudly. Eddy groaned and put his pillow over his head to block the lummox's noise. Eddy was determined to sleep in after the week he'd had. Ed decided to go and see Timmy, while Edd continued to read the journal. As Ed began to walk out of the room to go to Timmy's room, he felt a presence behind him. He turned around to see nothing was there, when he turned to walk over to Timmy's room, he came face to face with a shadowy figure in a hood. Ed pulled his buster blade out of his pocket and tried to slash at the figure, only for it to dodge his attacks. The shadowy figure chanted in an ancient dialect and suddenly he and Ed were now in the courtyard. Ed growled and charged at the shadowy figure, though his attempts were futile.

"Eat Aura Blast, dark creature of the netherworld!" Ed shouted, as he generated an Aura Sphere in his left hand and threw it at the figure's chest. The Aura Sphere had a lower number now: 4...3...2...1. The blast was enormous enough to wake and get the attention of the other six chosen ones. They ran outside to see the courtyard had a huge crater in the center. Ed panted a bit, and looked into the smoke where the shadowy figure was, only to see that it was still standing with his sleeves blown off. The blast was enough to remove the hood as well to reveal who it was,

"BRO?!" Eddy asked. "Why out of all the fucking characters Ghostdog chooses he choose you! You know how awful that choice is? I'd rather Ghostdog add Mewtwo or Goku to this fanfic!"

"Look, he already wrote me as the bad guy too many times." Eddy's brother grinned, as he turned to Timmy. "I hope you enjoyed, the little lesson I gave you Timmy."

"So you taught me how to use my quiver?" Timmy asked remembering Eddy's brother wearing the hood from yesterday.

"Yep, and now its time to put those lessons to the test for all of you." Eddy's brother smirked deviously.

"Wait, Renamon said we could have a free day!" Jimmy proclaimed.

"She did. What she didn't say was that if you guys have enough time left after the battle you'll get the rest of the day to relax." Eddy's brother chuckled.

"I hate Renamon now, and Ghostdog." Eddy muttered underneath his breath.

"So, today is now Graduation Day. If you seven can beat me in a head to head fight, you're worthy of getting the gems." Eddy's brother grinned. "So far Ed has started." He gestured to the big sword wielding Ed, "But what about yo-" He was cut off by Eddy shoving an aura sphere in his gut. The force of the Aura Sphere sent the older sibling straight into a column, which broke on impact. Eddy panted as his hand was smoking from the energy he released.

"EDDY! You just tried to kill your own brother!" Edd shouted running over to his scythe wielding friend.

"Trust me, that wasn't enough to do him in." Eddy proclaimed as they began to feel a huge energy pulsing in the air. Eddy's brother came out of the ground with a white aura surrounding him. He cricked his neck in annoyance.

"Ever heard of respecting your elders?" Eddy's brother growled, as both of his fists were surrounded by yellow orbs of aura.

"I don't respect dicks-" Eddy was cut off by his brother knee jabbing him in the gut. The force of the kick sent Eddy flying into a column. The impact caused the column to break and trap Eddy under a pile of rubble.

"EDDY!" Ed and Edd screamed.

"He's fine, I've seen him take worse." His brother stated. "Now, just to clarify my name is Ben so you guys won't have to call me Eddy's brother. Now lets continue fight-"

Ben was cut off by Ed bashing an Aura Sphere into his gut, which made Ben fly back from the impact. Ben growled and looked down to see the Aura Sphere was still at his chest. The glowing sphere had a number above it: 1...0. The explosion was the same equivalent of a meteor striking the earth. When the smoke cleared from the explosion, Ben was still standing, only now the torso of his robe was gone.

"Damn it, guess I'll have to take out the heavy hitters in this graduation challenge." Ben growled as he charged at Ed with a yellow glowing sphere in hand. When Ed held his blade in front of him to block the attack, Ben disappeared for a few seconds, which was long enough for Ed to drop his guard making Ben shove the Aura Sphere in his gut. When Ben jumped back about five feet, Ed looked down to see the Aura Sphere had a number above it: 3...2...1. Ed didn't have time to counter attack, causing an explosion which created a crater deep into the earth. When the smoke cleared, Ed was seen at the bottom of the crater with his blue shirt destroyed from the blast. Ed attempted to get up, only to cough up some blood in the process.

"Ed! Are you ok?!" Timmy shouted down into the crater. All Ed could do was close his eyes, exhausted from the blast. Timmy glared at Ben, who was grinning at this. "Teacher or not, no one messes with my friend!" Timmy pulled out three arrows and launched them at Ben who merely dodged them as if they were nothing. Ben disappeared for a second and reappeared in front of Timmy, startling him and causing the buck toothed boy to fall on his backside. Timmy began to back away from the large man approaching him.

"You know what they say, cut the chain at the weakest link." Ben stated, as he pulled out a Chinese mini-blade, he was about to slash at Timmy, only to be stopped by Danny using his katana.

"You want to get to him, you got to go through me!" Danny growled as he pushed Ben back, causing said teacher to fall in the crater. Ben got up annoyed, and launched an enormous aura sphere at Danny. Danny flinched and tried to shield himself from the blast while Timmy ran far away from the blast zone. When the attack connected a plumage of smoke surrounded the crater. When the smoke cleared, Danny noticed he was floating and transparent. "My powers are back!"

"Big deal," Ben growled, "I'm more powerful than yo-" Ben was cut off by Danny driving his foot straight into his belly. The force of the kick was enough to throw him out of the crater. Ben growled and regained his composure while floating in mid-air.

"You can fly too?" Danny growled.

"This is the result from years of training." Ben grinned. Danny growled at that remark, it reminded him of when he fought Vlad. Ben disappeared and reappeared behind Danny. Before Danny could react, Ben blasted an aura sphere at his back. The force sent Danny to the ground hard, Danny groaned and a white ring appeared around him. It split into two, turning his black samurai outfit into an inverted white version of it. Ben grinned and floated to the ground, right near Danny.

Edd whimpered as he saw Danny turn back into his human form. What could Edd do? He couldn't fight him, mostly due to the fact he was a pacifist by nature, but due to the state of his friends. Eddy was under a pile of rubble, while Ed was in a crater coughing up blood. Edd was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Spongebob charge at Ben with anger in his eyes. Spongebob attempted to try and punch Ben, only for said teacher to catch the fist. Spongebob growled and attempted to punch him with his free hand, only for that one to be caught as well.

"Please, like you can do anythin-" Ben screamed as something sharp penetrated his left butt-cheek. Ben turned to see an arrow in his ass. He looked up to see Timmy with another arrow ready. Ben threw Spongebob at Timmy, causing the two to tumble to the ground. Danny saw Ben let down his guard for a second, enough time for him to go ghost once more. Danny immediately performed a leg sweep on Ben, causing the man to fall to the ground with a thud. Danny raised his leg up and brought his foot down hard on Ben's back, causing him to scream in pain. Ben growled and disappeared and reappeared a few feet away from them. "Prepare to lose bitches!"

"Double D, I have an idea, but do you know, any healing magic?" Jimmy shuddered at the thought of the word.

"I know Cura." Edd answered.

"Ok, look while me and the others are distracting him, you heal Eddy and Ed so we can surround him." Jimmy ran over to Spongebob, Danny and Timmy, as Edd ran over to dig out Eddy. Edd immediately dug Eddy out and placed his wand on the short Ed's chest. Edd's Comet Staff began to glow bright green, and suddenly Eddy's eyes snapped open.

"Damn it, what hit me?" Eddy groaned.

"Your brother." Edd stated bluntly. "Now we need to get Ed out of the crater." The two ran into the crater.

Back at the fight, Ben growled, as he began losing to those yahoos.

"Prepare to be blown away!" Ben shouted as he began to channel an attack. "Haidoken!" He shouted as he launched a blue energy ball at the four nicktoons. Danny stood in front of the blast and made a rectangular like shield in front of him, shielding him from the blast.

"Lets see if I can do that." Danny smirk as he thrust his hands forward. "Ghostdoken!" Danny launched a green energy ball at Ben, who deflected the blast.

"Time to end this." Ben stated. He began to channel his energy and began to chant ""

"Oh no you don't." Danny inhaled a big gust of air and exhaled a green sonic screech attack. The attack hit Ben before he could use his own attack. Ben was thrown back into five broken down houses. As this was all happening, Edd was healing Ed who was still unconscious. When the healing was over, Ed woke up and got to his feet in a hurry.

"I've risen!" Ed shouted over-dramatically.

"Yeah, yeah, save it Shakespeare." Eddy proclaimed as the three began to climb out of the crater. Ben groaned as he stood up to see he was surrounded by the seven students.

"I'm done. You guys pass." Ben stated as he held up a white surrender flag. Eddy growled and kicked his brother square in the crotch.

"That was for the knee jab!" Eddy shouted, as his brother held his crotch in pain.

"Congratulations, it seems the students graduated." A voice came from behind, which made the group turn to see it was Renamon, Luke, and Krystal.

"Wish they didn't have to destroy half of the courtyard." Luke stated.

"So now what do we do? Go look for the gems?" Danny questioned.

"Yes. Maximus should be programming a portal at Volcano Island as we speak." Krystal proclaimed.

"So lets go." Ben stated, as he recovered from his nut shot.

"Timmy, are your Fairy Program powers charged?" Jimmy asked.

"You know you can ask us." Wanda stated as they appeared. "We have just enough power for one wish."

"Good, I wish we were at Volcano Island." Timmy exclaimed as the group disappeared in a puff of pink smoke. They all reappeared in the volcano on Volcano Island. The inside of the Volcano looked like a laboratory control room with a big computer screen. They saw Maximus at the computer console fiddling with it trying to understand it. Maximus turned around to see that everyone was looking at him.

"Oh, so you guys passed. Well, there's going to be a delay on finding the gems." Maximus stated, which made the others groan (excluding Edd).

"What seems to be the delay?" Edd asked walking over to Maximus' side.

"Well, I've programmed the worlds where the gems are, but I can't seem to generate a portal to the first world." Maximus explained.

"Hmm," Jimmy examined the machine. "No wonder. The Neutronic Portal generator is out of juice. We'll have to reroute the coordinates to the first world to one of the portals we used to travel to Bikini Bottom."

Eddy and Ed laughed when Jimmy said those words. "What kind of person lives there? Bikini's that come to life?" Ed asked.

"I live there." Spongebob blushed as Ed and Eddy laughed harder.

"Should just take a few, minutes." Jimmy stated.

"Allow me to assist you." Edd smiled and began to assist Jimmy, and with their combined minds they were able to finish it in no time.

"The portal's fired up and ready to go." Jimmy proclaimed.

"Before you head off, we must tell you more about your new clothing and gems." Renamon explained.

"For starters, these clothes will change to match the world your in." Krystal explained. "When an enemy is near, your clothes will shift back into their original form, or as some would say battle mode. Now for the gems, each gem matches the animal of the warrior: Ice belongs to the wolf warrior, Thunder belongs to the dragon, Light belongs to the owl, Pride belongs to the lion, Love belongs to the bear, Heart belongs to the mouse, and Mind belongs to the crane."

"The powers that have laid dormant in you will awaken in the world where your gem is." Luke proclaimed.

"Wait, which gem is in this world?" Jimmy asked.

"Enough explaining, and see it for yourself." Ben proclaimed as he kicked the Eds and Nicktoons into the portal. The three anthromorphic teachers glared at Ben. "What? They were taking too long anyway."

"I hope they're strong enough for the journey." Maximus stated.

Behold chapter 6, sorry for the long wait

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors of the Wild Ch.6

Chapter 6 is here to stay! Also if you guys are wondering about the Journal entries, this is the last one that appears at the beginning of the chapter.

I do not own Ed, Edd n Eddy, they belong to Cartoon Network.

I do not own Nicktoons Unite!, they belong to THQ Games.

Also I may start posting more of these in the near future onto here in small doses. 

Broly VS Jasper Death Battle by Ghostdog123765
Broly VS Jasper Death Battle
I instantly thought of these two when I saw that episode and thought instantly of this

I do not own the two Characters
Anyone want a Death Battle art post?    
Monkey D Luffy VS Sonic The Werehog by Ghostdog123765
Monkey D Luffy VS Sonic The Werehog
Here's a request from :iconwarlordgab: that a did for him

I  do not own either character.
Here's an updated version of my old Journal I posted.

As long as I can work on them at my own pace, I will only take a request once a day and post them on whatever day I finished them on.You will only get one chapter for oneshots.

Points for a chapter in a story idea
1Points  for a oneshot

This is the new commissions list.

You can send your request in a note. Or my other contact information

Chapter 5: New Arrivals, New Trials (Part 1)

Ed's house...

Ed was asleep in bed and on the table next to his bed were two decks and his Duel Disk. One was his own deck, as for the other was a deck he had won in a duel. His own deck started to glow, a light emerges from Ed's deck and flies into his body. The light soon enters Ed's dream. Ed's dream is where he is swimming in a pool of gravy. He reaches the edge of the pool and steps out. Ed is handed a towel to dry off with. Ed wipes his face off and looks up to see who handed him the towel. It was a blue hair teen, with red eyes, pale skin and a spiked cape.

"Ed, I bet you're wondering who I am?" The pale skin teen asked.

"You're Vampire Lord, the card in my deck, serving as its deck master." Ed explained.

"Wow, you're smarter than you look." Vampire Lord stated rubbing his chin in amazement.

"When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh cards yeah." Ed stated.

"Look Ed, we need your help. Your world is in great peril." Vampire Lord warned. "Darkness will come and take over this world, you and your friends are the only ones who can stop it. But don't be afraid, you shall be aided by others as well." Suddenly Ed woke up abruptly from his dream at dawn. Ed stood up and walked over to his deck.

"I need to be ready for anything the darkness throws at me." Ed stated getting a green Yu-Gi-Oh card tin. He spent an hour and a half working on his deck. When he finished, he placed his deck, the other deck and Duel Disk in his backpack. He looked at the time and saw it was 7:55. He walked upstairs and out the door to the school bus stop.

Eddy's house...

Eddy woke up to the sound of rustling. He saw someone going through his closet. He walked over to the closet and saw a long black hair girl, she looked about the age of fourteen. She was covered up by a purple long blanket. Eddy touched her shoulder, which startled her into tackling Eddy to the ground. Luckily, she was still covered by the blanket.

"Oh, it's you Eddy." She stated in a familiar voice to Eddy. Eddy looked into her eyes and saw they were crimson red.

"Red Eyes?" Eddy asked.

"Who else would it be silly?" She replied in a coy tone.

"But, how are you a human?" Eddy asked confused.

"Where my kind come from we have the ability to create a body when we need to." Red Eyes explained. "The reason I created this body was so I can see your progress."

"You could have just stayed in my body and did that." He retorted.

"True, but I didn't want to pass the opportunity of having a body again." She stated giggling. "If that is all, then leave, I have to find the right outfit for me."

"Well you're not going to find it in my closet."

"But, in your memories I saw you wear dresses and skirts many times." Eddy blushed at her statement.

"You can read my memories?"

"Yes, and I must say you really love these things you call Drawbreakers."

"It's pronounced jawbreakers, and I don't keep girl clothes in my closet."

"Then what am I suppose to do?" Red Eyes gave Eddy a puppy dog pout, with big sad eyes. Eddy groaned, he was always a sap for girls.

"Wait here." Eddy walked out of his room for a while. He came back with a box labeled 'Sewing Supplies.' In the box is thread, needles, scissors, and fabrics which were: black and red. "You can make your own clothes right?"

"Just because most of my species prefers to stay in dragon form doesn't mean, I never learned to sew." She stated taking the box, walking into the closet, shutting the door behind her.

1 1/2 hours later...

Eddy was at his desk working on some dueling strategies. The closet door flung open to show Red Eyes in a black dress with red frills. Eddy smiled, though his smile faded when his mind went to the gutter.

"Uh, are you wearing underwear?" Eddy asked blushing furiously.

"Of course, I'm wearing those leopard skin things you were too embarrassed to wear." Red Eyes replied making him blush even redder. Eddy looked at the time and saw it was 7:55. Eddy groaned, he was almost late for school. He put his deck, cards, duel disk and ran out the door. Red Eyes smiled and followed closely behind her deck master.

Double D's house...

Double D was tossing and turning in his bed having a heck of a dream. He saw himself standing on a hill, standing with Ed, Eddy and four others. One was a male that had spiky long hair with green highlights, a red jacket, black eyes and blue jeans. Another one was female, she had black hair with yellow tips, brown eyes, a long sleeve black shirt, navy jeans and a tail that looked like a cross between a dog and lions tail. The other one was female as well, she had on a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow floral print, blue jeans and a blue koala like creäture hanging from her shoulder. The last one was a female as well, she had gray hair, green eyes, and a black and white outfit with a white D insignia on it. The hill they were on overlooked the Cul-De-Sac which was in flames. Double D's dream self was crying, the girl with the dog/lion tail placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Eddy sigh and they walked into the van the Eds made their hideout. The van drove off which surprised him because it's a worn out car.

Double D cried as he got on his hands and knees. His home was destroyed by a mysterious fire. Double D felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see it was a woman by the age of twenty-seven with light green skin, red hair, hazel colored eyes, a leaf-like shirt, grass-green shirt and an amulet around her neck. There was another person standing next to her. The person was a man in a black tuxedo, silver eyes, a black hand and pale silver skin.

"Do not cry," The woman assured Double D and started wiping his tears away with a handkerchief. "We are here to help you. The images you see can be reversed if you and your friends defeat the darkness."

"If you show fear, the Darkness will only grow and grow." The man said in a robotic voice.

"But, what if I'm left alone?" Double D asks "What if this was my fault?"

"That is illogical, you are cautious and precise in a situation." The man explained "You always take a person's feelings before your own, you have 89% chance of winning the fight against darkness."

Double D smiled and suddenly hears a loud blaring sound, which scares him enough to wake him up. He looks at his alarm clock to see its 6:30. He always woke up earlier than his friends. Double D starts to get dressed for school, he then does a few changes to his Duel Disk making it smaller for his satchel. He made it to the Bus Stop at 7:25. He always loved to make it before his friends to enjoy some quiet.

"Excuse me," A voice said behind him. He turned to see a raven hair girl with sapphire blue eyes, a red wool hat, blue hoodie, red shorts and red shoes. What struck him weird was that she bared a striking resemblance to the girl in her dream. Except she has black hair and blue eyes, the other girl had gray hair and green eyes. "Is this the bus stop to Peach Creek Jr. High?" She asked.

"Why yes it is." Double D smiled "My name is Eddward Johnson, but I go by Double D."

"I'm Danielle Fenton, but you can call me Danni." Danni smiled at Double D. Suddenly out of nowhere Double D was tackled by his over-sized comrade.

"Hey Double D!" Ed shouted bouncing on Double D. Ed looked up and saw Danni and smiled. "Hello, my name is Ed."

"Hi Ed, I'm Danni" Danni greeted. Eddy came running over with a girl in a black and red dress, black hair and crimson red eyes.

"Ed, get off Double D!" Eddy commanded, Ed did so, standing up from Double D. Double D dusted himself off. Double D saw the strange girl with Eddy and thought he should investigate.

"Eddy, who's that girl with you?" Double D whispered to Eddy.

"It's Red Eyes Black Dragon in human form." Eddy whispered back.

"How is that even possible?" Double D asked.

"I don't know, her people's species or something." Eddy answered.

Eddy was tackled by an unknown stranger. He looked up to see it was a teen boy with black spiky hair that had green tips and was covered by a helmet, black eyes, a red jacket with a yellow patch on each sleeve, a light blue backpack, blue jean shorts and black tennis shoes.

"Sorry dude, I wasn't watching where I was going." The teen offered to help Eddy up. Eddy growled and smacked the teen's hand out-of-the-way.

"You're darn right you're sorry!" Eddy shouted standing up, realizing that the teen was the same height as him.

"On second thought, you're a jerk and I'm not sorry," The teen stated, making Eddy even angrier. Red Eyes and Double D saw this coming and got between them.

"Look let's calm down, and start over," Double D suggested, "Hi my name is Eddward, but I go by Double D. May you tell us your name?"

"It's Jake," Jake replied. Ed smiled and got in the middle of it.

"Hi I'm Ed," Ed shouted holding out his hand.

"Uh hi, Ed." Jake greeted shaking Ed's sweaty hand. When Jake stopped shaking Ed's hand, it was soaked in grime. Jake groaned in disgust, and wiped his hand on Eddy's shirt. This caused Eddy to become more enraged than normal. He was about to punch Jake, except he was interrupted by a blue blur tackling him to the ground. The blue blur looked like a koala-creäture with blue fur and black eyes. It had a hostile intent for Eddy. A girl came running over to Eddy, picking up the creäture from him. The girl had long black hair that reached her shoulders, light brown eyes, a red Hawaiian floral shirt, a long skirt that reached her knees, black sandals.

"Sorry, he's" the girl was interrupted by Eddy.

"A freak of nature! What is that thing anyway?" Eddy asked angrily.

"It's my dog, his name's Stitch, and I'm Lilo" Lilo stated, holding Stitch.

"A dog? More like a diseased koala, that was run over with a tru-" Eddy was cut off by Jake punching him in the face.

"Lay off her," Jake glared angrily at Eddy, who quickly got up and started to glare angrily back at him. In all of the commotion, the others didn't notice another girl walk up to the bus stop. The girl had dark black hair with blonde tips, long sleeve black shirt, amber eyes, navy jeans and black shoes. After a few minutes of Jake and Eddy arguing, Red Eyes and Double D got between them again.

"Look let's calm down and relax, fighting is never the answer." Double D stated, being the voice of reason.

"Shorty started it!" Eddy shouted, making Jake the angry.

"Shorty?! Look who's talking, you leprechaun!" Jake shouted. While the spiky haired teens argued Ed and Lilo were having a conversation.

"Your doggy is so cool!" Ed shouted petting Stitch, who enjoyed it.

"Thanks, he's bullet-proof, truck proof, he can lift three thousand times his own weight, and see in the dark." Lilo stated, causing Stitch to pose heroically.

"I wish I had a dog like yours," Ed whimpered.

"Don't be sad, Ed. I can let you play with him, as long as you want." Lilo stated, making Ed smile with glee. He picked up Lilo and Stitch, pulling them into a bone crushing hug.

"Ed is happy!" Ed shouted swinging around, while holding Lilo and Stitch.

"I'm glad big guy, but could you please put us down?" Lilo asked, as Ed dropped them on the ground. Kevin, Rolf, Nazz, Jonny and Sarah walked over to the Bus Stop. They saw the Eds, Jake, Lilo, Danni and blonde tip girl.

"Hey Dorks," Kevin shouted, making Eddy and Jake cringe at that.

"Who are you calling Dorks?!" Eddy and Jake shouted simultaneously.

"Aww, dorky made a new friend." Kevin stated making Jake and Eddy angry. The bus soon came, the kids at the bus stop got on the bus, except Eddy and Jake.

"Is that guy your local jock and fathead?" Jake asked Eddy.

"Yep," Eddy replied.

"Truce, until we can prank him back for calling us Dorks." Jake held his hand out to shake, Eddy smirked and shook Jake's hand.

"Deal," Eddy stated grinning.

They stepped onto the bus and sat next to Ed and Double D.

In the classroom...

The Eds and Red Eyes walked in the classroom to see Danni, Jake and Lilo sitting in desks. Double D sighed and knew Eddy was going to start a fight seeing Jake.

"Hey, Jake" Eddy greeted smiling, surprising both Red Eyes and Double D. They decided that the two would have to be up to no good and should be monitored. The Eds and Red Eyes took their seats with the teacher wondering where all these new students came from. Mr. Nesbitt, introduced the new students to the class. When Red Eyes, introduced herself she gave him a fake name, Maria Rojo Ojos.

After class, Eddy and Jake met up by Eddy's locker.

"So, what do you got planned?" Eddy asked,

"Check it," Jake holds a can of powder with the words 'Sneezey Business.' "This is a can of sneeze gas, a whiff of this and that jock will be sneezing for weeks."

"Nice, I like the way you think." Eddy smirked.

"So when do you want to do the prank?" Jake asked, putting his backpack on the ground. Eddy looked down and saw something sticking out of his backpack. Eddy remembered the shape of the item, it was a Duel Disk. Eddy was shocked. He knew this guy was bad news from the start. "Eddy, you ok?"

"I'm going to go check on Ed, he needed me to change the newspaper in his locker." Eddy states before running away to the restroom. He pulled out his cellphone, texting Double D.

Double D was walking to the next class until he got a text message from Eddy. It read: DD meet me in the restroom, ASAP! And bring Ed. Double D sighed and led Ed into the restroom. Eddy was waiting with his back against a stall door.

"Alright Eddy, what is it?" Double D asked.

"Guys, I saw a Duel Disk sticking out of Jake's backpack." Eddy explained.

"Do you think he's with the dark duelist?" Double D asked.

"Maybe, but I don't know. We have to make sure the other new kids aren't dark duelist either." Eddy explained. "We'll have to check them out after lunch. If they are we'll have to duel them. I'll take on Lilo and Jake, Ed you take on that shy girl with the blonde tips, Double D you take on that girl with the red cap."

"Eddy, even though your a good duelist you can't take on two duelist." Double D warned.

"I so can, if there is any trouble I'll summon this bad boy!" Eddy shouted holding out his Slifer the Sky Dragon.

"That is true, though the power of a god is frightening, even in your hands." Double D stated, making Eddy glare at him.

"Ok, let's wait until lunch." Eddy stated. "Until then, keep a close eye on them, kay?"

"Aye Aye Eddy!" Ed shouted.

"Alright," Double D stated as they walked out of the restroom.


Everyone one was in the Cafeteria where the Eds were sitting with Maria discussing what happen. Sarah was chatting with the Blonde tip girl who was named King Lyonia. Danni and Lilo were chatting with Nazz. As for Jake, he was grabbing him a mundo grande lunch.

"We can't take any chances," Maria stated. "You must get the new kids away in order to duel them."

"Wait, we need to make sure their duelist." Double D stated.

"If we did then, they would get suspicious and do something drastic. We must strike before the iron is hot." Maria countered.

"Alright." Eddy agreed.

"I got an idea," Ed blurted out "Follow my lead." Ed bent over backwards and placed a Ming vase on his stomach and walked over to Sarah and King.

"ED! Is that mom's vase?" Sarah shouted. Ed stood straight up dropping the vase.

"Uh, maybe?" Ed replied.

"Ed, your scaring me." Sarah stated. Ed picked up King and ran out of the room holding her. The kids in the cafeteria were surprised by Ed abducting the new girl. Eddy used this opportunity to get Lilo and Jake away from the kids. Eddy grabbed their backpacks when they weren't looking.

"Hey Jake, Lilo!" Eddy shouted getting their attention. Eddy ran out of the cafeteria with Lilo and Jake chasing after him. Double D decided do a much more gentle approach.

He walked over to Danni "Could you please come with me to a much more quiet place?" Double D asked.

"Sure," Danni replied, following Double D out of the cafeteria.

'I must assist Eddy.' Maria thought as she vanished in a flash of light.

On the Rooftop of Peach Creek High...

Eddy was still running from the two new kids. When he reach the rooftop he turned and faced his chasers.

"What's your deal, man?!" Jake shouted at Eddy.

"Yeah, why did you take our backpacks?" Lilo asked. Eddy glared at them and tossed their backpacks at them, which caused both knapsacks to drop a Duel Disk and a few cards out of them. The Duel Disk in Jake's backpack was red and yellow, and the one in Lilo's backpack was blue floral prints on it. 'I was right! These guys are dark duelists!' Eddy thought as he saw the Duel Disks.

"Your with them aren't you?!" Eddy shouted as he removed his backpack.

"So, your one of those duelist too?" Lilo asked.

"You could say that," Eddy stated, pulling out his Duel Disk. "I challenge the both of you to a Two-on-One duel!"

"Lilo, you up for this?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, let's pound this jerk into the dirt!" Lilo shouted, grabbing her Duel Disk and deck.

"Alright, prepare to lose, Eddy!" Jake shouted, putting on his Duel Disk and putting his deck in the slot. Lilo mimicked his action.

In the School Gym...

Ed was about to challenge King to a duel, except he was taken over by his Deck Master, Vampire Lord.

"Now then, let me explain why my card hold- er why I dragged you here." Vampire Lord stated.

"Yes, so could you please tell me?" King asked, sheepishly.

"Well, my associates think you and the other new kids are bad guys. But your not bad. You're too timid to be bad." Vampire Lord stated.

"Uh, thanks." King replied, not knowing whether to be insulted or complemented. Ed's pocket began to glow brighter than the sun. Ed took control and pulled out the source of the glow in his pocket. The glow was from the deck Ed had gotten from Jimmy. The deck was glowing brighter when it was near King.

"Your chosen by the cards to wield the Dark Magician deck!" Ed shouted, holding the deck in front of her. King looked a little embarrass by the praise of being chosen by a glowing stack of cards. Vampire Lord took over Ed's body once more.

"May I ask you a few questions to confirm this point?" Vampire Lord asked.

"Sure." King replied.

"If a dog was just runned over, and it's still breathing, would you stop what your doing and save it?" Vampire Lord asked.

"Yes," King replied.

"If I was someone who was being controlled by the darkness what would you do?"

"I would try my best to help you?"

"If you were a queen, how would you treat a peasant like me?"

"A queen must care for her people, she must treat them as if they were her own. So I would do the same."

"If you had a chance to go back in time, would you take that chance?"

"No because even if I want to change something for the greater, I would end up changing lives as well, a long with my own. I like who I am now and I don't want to change that."

"If I was captured by a bad guy what would you do?"

"Call for help, then go to try to get you back myself."

"If you were a werewolf would you try to kill the werewolf that bit you?"

"No because revenge is a cold action that I wish to never act on."

"If the whole town was Zombified, what would you do?"

"End my own life, even if my friends' soul are no longer there, I couldn't live with myself if I had to kill them over and over again. But if I had the chance to reverse the effects of the Zombified people, I would take it."

"If you were popular how would you treat others?"

"The same way I would want to be treated, with respect and kindness."

"If you had a chance to win something, but it meant hurting your best friend would you do it?"

"No because friendship is a prize that last the longest and means the most."

"If your friend was about to be attack what would you do?"

"Take it for them."

Ed's soul watched his Deck Master ask the questions, from behind the pearls known as eyes. He was surprised by a person who was almost as kind as Double D. Ed decided to take over and ask a question of his own.

"One more question. If you had to be friends with me and my friends, which would mean you would be a outcast would you still be our friend?" Ed asked.

"Yes, I would never hurt a friend." King stated, smiling. Ed handed King the glowing deck.

"I want to Duel you now. Just to test how good a person you are." Ed stated.

"But, I don't have a duel mat." King stated. Ed reached into his pocket and pulled out a red and black Duel Disk. He put it on her arm and stepped back about 8-feet.

"We don't need Duel mats." Ed stated pulling his Duel Disk out of his jacket pocket and placed it on his arm. "We need Duelist Spirit!"

"Ok, you don't mind if I add a few cards to this deck do you?" King asked, pulling out a few cards from her pocket. Ed nodded in response. They each paced their decks in the Duel Disk.

In the School basement, which once accommodated the Late infamous Kankers...

Double D was leading the very confused Danni to the school's basement. He opened the door to the basement, walking down the stairs, followed by Danni. When they reached the basement floor Double D turned to Danni. He had a monotonous stare plastered on his face.

"Danielle, may I ask you something?" Double D asked.

"Sure, Double D." Danni replied with a smile. Double D pulled out his Duel Disk from his satchel, causing Danni's face to have a look of surprise on it.

"I can tell by your surprised face, that you know what this is." Double D stated, sliding the said item onto his arm. "So are you friend or foe?"

"Duel me and lets find out." Danni stated with an angry look on her face. She reached into her book-bag, pulling out a black and white Duel Disk. She slid the Duel Disk onto her arm and place her deck into it's holster.

"Before we duel, I want you to make a choice." Double D pulls out two decks. "Choose one of these decks for me to duel with. One will devour you, as for the other will annihilate you."

"Either way I'm toast right," Danni stated, "I choose the one in your left hand."

"Nice choice." Double D placed the deck she had chosen into his Duel Disk.

Simultaneously, all of the people dueling in separate places shouts "Let's Duel!"

All seven teens Life Points: 8000

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)

Chapter Five: Training in the ruins of the past. (Part 2)

Edd was enamored by the journal.

Journal Entry #23, January 18th:

I recently stopped writing the year in all my journal entries. I stopped writing them in because going through universe after universe, it's hard to keep track of time. All worlds are on a different axis, yet they have the same thing in common; a sliver of light. Damian was acting like a big shot when he had taken down one of Mawgu's enforcers. This made a stupid fight break out between Denny and him. If lions and dragons ever met in the wild, they'd be rivals in the food chain. Robert was trying to bring peace between them, though it was hard to calm down an angry feline and an angry reptile. Jeremiah has also created a machine called a Come-puter. It seems like a worthy device, if he can ever get it to stop blowing up in his face.

End of Journal Entry...

Edd was about to read more of the journal when he was stopped by a knocking at the door. He placed the journal on the table and walked over to the door. He opened it to see it was Spongebob.

"Time to wake up. Renamon says the training starts extra early this morning." Spongebob stated smiling.

"But its only," Edd looked at his watch and saw it was 5:45 A.M. 'Oh dear, I must have stayed up all night.' Edd thought, with a nervous face.

"Is something wrong?" Spongebob asked, as he noticed Edd's nervousness.

"Oh, nothing. Have Jimmy and the others awoken yet?" Edd asked.

"Well, when I tried to wake them up, they kicked me out of the room." Spongebob stated.

"Well, I'll try to wake up Ed and Eddy, and we'll help you wake the others." Edd suggested.

"That's a great idea! You're almost as smart as Jimmy, maybe even equal to him." Spongebob smiled, which made Edd chuckle a bit. Edd walked over to his tired friends and smiled at their sleeping forms. Edd decided to wake Eddy first, since his voice could wake up the dead if it was loud enough. Edd gently nudged Eddy, which made him roll over and fall off the bed with a loud thud. Eddy groaned, as he looked over to see Edd smiling over him.

"What's the big idea sockhead?!" Eddy shouted.

"Sorry Eddy, but I need your help to wake up the others." Edd stated, as he gestured toward Ed who was sleeping like a bear curled up in a ball.

"Aww, he looks so peaceful." Spongebob proclaimed.

"Yeah, like a beached whale." Eddy bluntly stated, as he crawled on to Ed's belly. "He looks so gentle, oh Ed, Ed, WAKE UP SLEEPING UGLY!" Eddy shook the monobrow Ed til' he was awake. Ed looked around and smiled at his friends.

"Hiya guys." Ed greeted.

"Alright, now that Ed's awake, let's go wake up the others." Edd suggested. They soon walked out of the room, and into the Nicktoons room. When Eddy saw them sleeping, he grinned evilly and pulled out a bugle-horn. He took a deep breath, and played the bugle-horn loudly. This made Danny, Jimmy and Timmy fall out of their beds, holding their ears in pain.

"I can see why that Luke guy liked this." Eddy smiled.

"Only thing was he was our teacher, and I couldn't beat the snot out of him. You on the other hand I can easily beat the crap out of." Danny stated, as he pounded his fist into his hand, which made Eddy back away nervously.

"Now Danny, we're on the same team remember?" Eddy pointed out, as he backed away from the angry teen that was getting closer to him.

"Oh I will. I'll remember to put it on your tombstone!" Danny shouted, as he was about to punch him. Lucky for Eddy, Renamon had appeared and intercepted Danny's punch.

"There will be time for a sparring session later. For now just head outside of the castle." Renamon commanded, which made the Eds and Nicktoons walk down the hallway. Before they were out of sight Renamon had placed a paw on Edd's shoulder. "You on the other hand, come with me." Renamon stated, as she began to lead Edd down a highly illuminated hallway. They soon got to a door that had green smoke coming out of it. Renamon opened the door to show a messy chemical lab, with clothes all over the place. There was a pot that was generating the green smoke.

"What am I doing here?" Edd asked.

"I'll let her explain." Renamon stated, walking out of the messy room. Edd quickly tried to run out of the room, unfortunately Renamon closed the door in his face. This caused a loud yawning sound to be heard. Edd quickly tried to open the door only to find that it was locked. He saw a shadow come forward, and began to bang on the door in fear. He whimpered when he saw the figure was looming over him. He screamed and curled into a ball in fear.

"Geez, scared much?" The shadow spoke in a female voice. Edd looked up to see the figure was a blue female fox, with white markings on her face and jewelry on her ear and a silver head band with a jewel in it. She was in what appeared to be pink pajamas. Her tail had two golden bands on them.

"Who are you?" Edd asked, his voice was shaking.

"The name's Krystal. The reason you're here is because Renamon's training is physical," Krystal explained, "and you're the only one out of the group who has a spell book instead of a fighting weapon. So I'll be your teacher for the next three days instead of Renamon."

"Why pray-tell?" Edd asked.

"Because I'm a magic teacher. I'll be teaching you the great arts of magic." Krystal explained.

"What are my choices for training?" Edd asked, not wanting to believe in magic. He was open minded, but not that open minded.

"Train with me or Renamon, I honestly could careless." Krystal stated.

Edd thought about the training with Lucario and how it was medium hard at some points. He then started to think back to when Renamon flung Danny into the side of the mountain. She seemed like a very strict, physical teacher. So his options were, get beat up in training with Renamon, or swallow his scientific pride and believe in magic. He decided to do the one where he didn't have to need bandages afterwords.

"I'll train with you," Edd answered.

"Good to hear." Krystal smiled at the black cap Ed.

Meanwhile with the other two Eds and Nicktoons...

Renamon was outside in the courtyard with the rest of the students. The courtyard had a bunch of different broken statues of lions and wolves. It had a crescent moon mural on the ground.

"Excuse me Ms. Renamon?" Ed held his hand up.

"Yes, Ed?" Renamon looked at him.

"Where's Double D?" Ed asked.

"Eddward is taking a different type of training for the next three days." Renamon answered.

"That training better be as hard as this training." Eddy growled.

"Ok, today you will learn the many Japanese fighting styles, as well as learning about Chakra." Renamon explained, which made Spongebob and Timmy hold their hands up. "Yes, Timmy?" Renamon asked.

"What's Chakra?" Timmy asked.

"Chakra is like Aura, though there's two halves to it: physical and spiritual. Physical allows you to do basic functions, such as breathing and blinking your eyes. " Renamon explained. "Spiritual can be achieve through training and allow you to surpass human abilities, such as walking on water, exhaling fire or creating illusions."

"Woah..." The students let out, surprised.

"Now, the first thing you are going to learn is how to read your opponents movements." Renamon stated. "Spongebob, you'll fill in for Edd since he's doing special training."

"So why is Spongebob filling in for sockhead?" Eddy asked.

"Because, you're going to have a three-on-three spar match." Renamon explained. "Watch your opponents' movements and don't hold back."

The fight soon began with an explosive start, with Ed and Danny charging at each other, while Eddy charged at Timmy, as Spongebob charged at Jimmy as well.

Back to Edd and Krystal...

"Now, magic is about heart, as long as you have a big heart, you can master any spell there is." Krystal stated from behind the bathroom door as she changed into a purple shirt, and blue jeans.

"Ok, so a big heart equals magic? Sounds a bit illogical..." Edd stated, through the door.

"You believe in inspiration don't you?" Krystal asked, as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Yes, but that happens when a person has a cerebral spark of emotion in the mind, creating an idea." Edd stated.

"Where does the spark come from?" Krystal asked.

"Electromagnetic mind pulses." Edd answered.

"Ok, if you want to learn magic, you need to drop that science mumbo jumbo." Krystal stated.

"But..." Edd was about to counter.

"No buts!" Krystal exclaimed. "Now, you mastered aura, you can master magic a bit. This is going to require you to read all 30 of my magic books." She gestured to the multiple stacks of books

"Reading? Why didn't you say it would take reading to master magic." Edd stated, smiling.

"Really? Most people would say 'No, reading's dumb I want to try it out for myself'." Krystal stated a bit surprised.

"I am not like everyone else. If I must master 'magic', I might as well try to enjoy it through the wonders of reading." Edd stated.

"This is going to be easier than I thought." Krystal muttered to herself as Edd began to read to the top book of the stack.

Back to Renamon's training...

The courtyard had started to look like a battle field during their training. Neither side let up in the spar, which made Renamon silently impressed. During the fight they had switched opponents; Eddy was now battling Danny, Ed was battling Jimmy, and as for Spongebob he was battling Timmy. Danny panted heavily, Eddy was really letting him have it. Danny sighed and rested on a fallen column, wanting a small window of relief, which was over in five seconds, since Eddy appeared, charging at him with an Aura Sphere at hand. Danny dodged it, which made Eddy crash into the fallen column. The column burst into pieces after Eddy's Aura Sphere made contact, which caused Eddy to be thrown back by the blast. Eddy gritted his teeth as he was able to hold his ground after the blast.

"Geez Eddy, are you packing C4 into those things?" Danny asked looking at the remains of the column.

"Trust me, that was a display of only part of my new found power." Eddy stated with a wicked grin.

"You mean that was just a fraction?!" Danny asked, confused.

"Yep," Eddy bluffed. To be honest, that was all of his strength in one blast. Danny shook it off and charged at Eddy with an Aura Sphere of his own, which made Eddy do the same. During Ed and Jimmy's fight, Jimmy hid underneath a column. This training with Ed was even harder. He should have just stuck with Spongebob like at the beginning of the fight. Now he was fighting a colossus – no a powerful ally.

Jimmy tried to see the up side to this: if Ed is on their side they might be able to beat this new form of Mawgu. Ed jumped down in front of Jimmy with an Aura Sphere at hand and dropped the Sphere at Jimmy's feet. Ed soon took off with a grin, which made Jimmy look at the Aura Sphere with fear. The Aura Sphere had a number above it that was counting down: 7...6...5...4...3...2...1. Jimmy nervously put up his Aural Force Field to shield him from the blast that was the same as a plasma grenade's discharge. He was positive that having the Eds as either enemies or allies would cause him a lot of pain.

Spongebob and Timmy were able to hold their own against each other, only Spongebob gave a bit more in his fight. Timmy groaned, wondering why he couldn't get any arrows in his quiver. When he wished for arrows in his quiver, Cosmo and Wanda said that their magic couldn't affect other magical items. After about a few minutes, Renamon decided to stop the sparring, before their fights got near the castle.

"Alright, I've seen enough. I think your ready for an easy jujitsu." Renamon stated. "This jujitsu can come in handy for a fight; it's called Substitution."

"Cool, what can we do with it?" Ed asked.

"First, one of you try to attack me. I shall not move out of the way." Renamon proclaimed, which made Ed the first one to charge at her, with an Aura Sphere at hand. When his attack connected, white smoke appeared around Renamon and when the smoke vanished, in her place was a fallen column. Ed's attack still destroyed the column. They looked around and saw Renamon standing next to the other columns.

"Woah, how'd you do that?" Timmy asked.

"Substitution allows you to switch places with any nearby object or person. I switched places with a fallen column." Renamon explained.

"How do we do that?" Danny asked.

"Just try and picture a nearby item, then picture it in your place and vice versa." Renamon answered. "Now this jujitsu is very easy to master, so take your time and don't rush into it."

The six students began to try and use the technique. Jimmy suggested that if they used the techniques during a one-on-one battle they'd get better results. Eddy picked Danny for his battle, Timmy picked Ed, and Jimmy picked Spongebob. Danny was the first one to master it in Eddy's fight, Eddy mastered it after Danny did. The others picked it up as well.

"We have time for another jujitsu. It's a bit trickier; it's the Transformation Jujitsu." Renamon stated, as a puff of white smoke appears around her and in her place was a copy of Danny. "This jujitsu, allows the user to transform into anyone or anything he/she chooses."

"Cool! I want to try!" Timmy exclaimed, as he was about to attempt the technique.

"Timmy, wait!" Renamon warned too late. A puff of pink smoke surrounded Timmy. When it dissipated, in Timmy's place was a naked female version of himself. This caused Danny, Jimmy and Eddy to get a nose bleed, while Ed and Spongebob covered their eyes.

"Why the hell am I a naked girl?!" Timmy asked covering his B-Cups boobs.

"If performed incorrectly, the user becomes a naked opposite of his or her gender." Renamon explained.

"Are you serious?" Timmy asked angrily.

Back To Edd and Krystal's training...

Edd had finished all thirty of the spell books. Krystal was surprised when he finished all of the books after an hour.

"Ok, now for the practice of magic. Your aura will help you with that. Also, do you have photographic memory?" Krystal asked receiving a nod from Edd. "Good. Now hold your hand out and imagine the magic symbol for fire."

Edd held out his hand, as he began to imagine the symbol he read in the first book. As if on cue, a circle was in front of his hand and it started to have a fire emblem in it. Edd accidentally launched a fire ball out of the circle, which hit the pot of green smoke, making it explode. Green goo began to rain down on the two magic people.

"Magic is an unstable force, but as long as you have a good heart you'll always be able to make it through." Krystal stated smiling.

"Thank you, though I wish I was able to get a better grasp on it." Edd replied, wiping some green goo off of his hat.

"Relax. You know, it's better if you have a medium to focus your magic through." Krystal gasped. "I have just the thing!"

She ran out of the room and came back with a long blue rod. On the head of the rod was a white ring with a light green inner edge and five short spikes lining its outer edge, causing it to resemble a five-pointed star. There was a small, gold, five-pointed star set in the middle of the ring.

"This is the Comet Staff: it can have unimaginable power in the hands of good or in the hands of evil. I can tell your hands are good. And clean – do you use hand sanitizer?" Krystal giggled at the last part of her sentence.

"I do. It's healthy and kills germs." Edd replied. "Is there a safer place to practice my magic?"

"There is – the Castle's basement. It's like a giant warehouse, so to speak." Krystal suggested. "But, let's call it a day, I'm exhausted."

"You didn't do much other than work out on your flex-i-plex and look at magazines while I read." Edd stated, making Krystal blush. Edd was forcibly shoved out of the room by Krystal, who slammed the door behind him. Edd shrugged and made his way back to his room.

Back to the two Eds and Nicktoons...

After the embarrassing moment with the transformation mishap, they continued to train with the technique. Eddy was able to turn into Ed after a few tries. Ed was able to turn into Eddy after at least ten tries. Danny was able to turn into his friend Tucker Foley at least on one try. Jimmy and Timmy were able to turn into each other, meaning Jimmy was Timmy and Timmy was Jimmy. Spongebob was able to turn into his friend Patrick Star. Renamon smirked a little bit, at the progressing students.

"Ok, now that you learned the technique I'd say you guys earned a nights rest. Be warned training may be a bit harder tomorrow." Renamon forewarned.

"Great, another day with another annoying teacher slave driving us." Eddy muttered as the tired students began to make their way to their rooms. When Ed and Eddy got to their rooms, they saw Edd reading the journal and not having a single scratch on him. Edd turned to see his friend Eddy, who was boiling with anger.

"May I help you with something?" Edd asked.

"Why isn't there a scratch on you? What was your training?" Eddy asked, as he began to grind his teeth.

"Well, Renamon suggest I not be in her training since I was the only one without a weapon, so I was given a private magic tutor. I read exactly thirty books and I was able to generate a fireball." Edd explained.

"Like Harry Potter?" Ed asked.

"Sort of." Edd answered.

"So, just to clarify, you got a teacher that doesn't work you hard?" Eddy asked, clenching his teeth together.

"I suppose you could say that." Edd replied.

"Double D, how much magic training have you had?" Eddy asked.

"Well, not much, why?" Edd asked, which made Eddy generate an Aura Sphere and thrust it at Edd who dodged the blast in time. Eddy's Aura Sphere made contact with Edd's bed, making it explode into a thousand pieces. "Good Lord! Eddy were you attempting to injure me?" Edd asked.

"A little bit, yeah." Eddy admitted. "But now that you don't have a bed, goodnight." Eddy smirked as he plopped down on his bed while Ed did the same. Edd grinned, as they began to fall asleep. When he was sure that his friends were asleep, he pulled out his Comet Staff and waved it around his bed remains. This caused the bed pieces to turn back into a whole bed. Edd grinned and laid down on his newly made bed.

Day 2...

The Eds and Nicktoons, excluding two teens by the name of Edd and Timmy, were in the courtyard again. Eddy and Danny looked around for their missing teammates. Eddy had an idea where Edd was, but not Timmy. Renamon walked over to the five teens.

"Timmy and Eddward will not be here for training. They are being trained privately, because they are special cases." Renamon explained.

"Ok, so what are we going to be doing today?" Danny asked.

"Today we'll be learning a new technique." Renamon stated. "It is known as the Clone Technique." Renamon stated as a copy of her self appeared.

"This allows you to create an illusion of yourself to fool enemies." the copy of Renamon explained.

"Cool," Eddy stated as he started to try it. A puff of smoke appeared next to Eddy. When the smoke cleared, a badly drawn version of Eddy was at his feet.

"If the technique is done incorrectly, it may create a bad version of one's self." Renamon stated looking at the poor excuse of the clone.

"Can I sit out of this training?" Danny asked. "I can duplicate myself in my Ghost-form and its solid, not thin air."

"Actually, you can move onto the last technique you guys will learn." Renamon handed Danny a kunai. "It's called the 'walking on vertical edges' technique. This technique can be very useful if your ghost powers are gone. I want you to walk up that wall without using your ghost powers. This technique will help you balance your human and ghost powers. I want you to use the Kunai so you can mark how far you went up."

"Fine." Danny started to try and walk up the wall, only to fall flat on his back.

As the two Eds and three Nicktoons began their training, Timmy was walking in the corridors with a hooded figure. The hooded figure was quiet, making Timmy a bit nervous. Timmy decided to start up the conversation.

"So, uh why am I here?" Timmy asked.

"You need to know how to use your weapon." The mysterious figure stated.

"How can I use it? There's no arrows in the quiver." Timmy bluntly stated.

"Your quiver can generate arrows, if the user uses his imagination." The mysterious figure stated.

"Really?" Timmy asked.

"Try thinking about an arrow." The mysterious figure suggested. Timmy began to think about an arrow, and when he looked in his quiver, he saw an arrow with a star-shaped tip.

"Awesome!" Timmy shouted.

"Now, how about I teach you a cool secret no one else will know?" The mysterious figure offered.

"Even awesomer!" Timmy shouted.

As Timmy was taught by the mysterious person, Edd was in the castle's basement practicing his magic with Krystal.

"Now, the magic in your spell book acts as a tether." Krystal explained "The reason I asked if you had a photographic memory is because the book will use the memories of what you learn in case you need help to remember the spell."

"That sounds very useful." Edd smiled.

"Now, use the fire spell you used on my stew on these boulders." Krystal stated, as she pointed toward the enormous rocks. Edd began to channel his aura into his Comet Staff and spell book, which made the spell book glow and float in mid-air. Edd launch a fire ball from his staff and blasted the boulder to pieces. "Nice job. You can also use other types of magic, such as; ice, water, thunder, wind, earth and the great cosmoses." Krystal stated.

"Intriguing." Edd stated.

Back with the five Jujitsu learning students...

Danny was struggling with the vertical walk on the wall technique. Eddy was able to create a well drawn clone, as were the other four heroes.

"You're all improving faster than anticipated. I think you deserve tomorrow off." Renamon offered, which made all five of them stop what they were doing. "That goes for Double D and Timmy as well."

"Nice, we get a break from all this training." Danny stated.

"Awesome!" A voice shouted from behind them, which made them turn around to see Edd and Timmy.

"Nice to see you guys." Jimmy stated.

"Double D, did you hear?! We get a day off!" Ed shouted as he ran over to Edd.

"That's good to hear." Edd smiled.

"The reason why you guys are having this small break is because you'll soon be thrust into fights like never before." Renamon stated.

"Spoilsport." Eddy muttered.

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors of the Wild Ch.5

Chapter 5 is here. FYI its uber long.

I do not own Ed, Edd n Eddy, they belong to Cartoon Network.

I do not own Nicktoons Unite, they belong to THQ Games.

I also do not own Lucario or Renamon, or another surprise teacher I just added. I also do not own the new moves they learn.

Boom Chapter 5 and I got over my mental block with this. Also if your wondering who the mystery guy is. Wait til Chapter 6. Also I apologize to Naruto fans for ripping off their attacks, but come on, all Renamon knew was how to use was diamond storm and judo flips. And Krystal was the only sexy girl who could teach magic.

~Ghostdog 2.5

Here's an updated version of my old Journal I posted.

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