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Chapter Nine: Eddy or not here we Berk!

Eddy groaned as he dragged himself to the throne room where there was a table with empty plates on it. Krystal came in with the food and Luke came in with the drinks. He noticed Eddy leaning back in his chair, asleep.

"Eddy you ok?" Luke asked, poking the sleeping Ed. Eddy groaned as he opened his eyes. "Did ya get any sleep last night?"

"No! Thanks to Sarah being here, she kicked me out of my bed. I would've Aura Sphered her in the face if Ed didn't let her sleep there." Eddy growled.

"Geez. So where did you sleep?" Luke questioned.

"On the floor. My back is killing me." Eddy groaned as he stretched his back, causing a popping noise to be heard.

"Ouch...well have a Red Bull." Luke handed him a can. "It'll keep you up a bit."

"Thanks." Eddy opened the energy drink and guzzled it down. The others soon came in and sat at the table, ready to eat. When everyone had their fill, the only thing left on the table was a strip of bacon. Eddy smiled and reached for it, only to have a fork jabbed into his hand by Sarah, who took the bacon. Eddy growled as he removed the fork from his hand and reached over to snatch the bacon. Unfortunately he was stopped by an ice wolf biting his arm. Eddy screamed in pain as he tried to get the ice wolf to let go of his arm. "What the heck Ed?!" Eddy shouted.

"You shouldn't have reached for the bacon Eddy." Ed stated, as Sarah was behind him and stuck her tongue out at Eddy. Eddy growled as he kicked the Ice Wolf off of him. Not wanting to get into a fight he turned to Timmy.

"Timmy, tell your damn programs to take us back to Volcano Island." Eddy commanded. Timmy was about to say something smart back at him but he didn't want to get Eddy even more pissed.

"Cosmo, Wanda, Poof I wish we were all at Volcano Island." Timmy exclaimed, as pink smoke enveloped everyone in the room. They were soon back in the control room where Ben and Maximus were standing at the control panel. Ben grinned as he saw his brother had an annoyed expression.

"Hey Pipsqueak." Ben smirked.

"What?!" Eddy shouted. Ben disappeared and reappeared in front of Eddy and before Eddy could react, Ben kneed him in the gut. Eddy groaned and held his stomach in pain.

"That's what." Ben laughed as Eddy fell to the ground.

"Lay off, Ben." Luke proclaimed.

"Maximus, do you have the portal ready for the next world?" Danny asked.

"Yes. Be warned: there are fearsome creatures in this world." Maximus stated.

"Whatever." Eddy muttered, as Maximus began to open the portal to the new world.

"Eddy, your arm is bleeding!" Edd proclaimed.

"Oh yeah, it must be where Ed's dumb ice wolf bit me." Eddy stated, as he held his arm up showing that his sleeve was torn from the bite.

"I'll bandage it, you guys go on ahead into the new world." Luke suggested.

"Alright." The six other heroes jumped into the portal, leaving Eddy to be bandaged by the Aura Teacher.

"This sucks. If Ed didn't get that wolf to bite me, I wouldn't be here." Eddy growled.

"Be glad that wasn't an ice werewolf, otherwise you'd be growing hair all over your body." Luke joked, as he bandaged Eddy's arm.

"Whatever, I got to go." Eddy ran to the portal, jumping through.

"Oops..." Ben stated sarcastically.

"What?" Renamon questioned.

"When Eddy stepped through the portal I set the coordinates for a far part in the other world." Ben grinned.

"You idiot!" Luke shouted.

~Where Eddy is~

Eddy came out of the portal only to find he was ten thousand feet in the air. "I am so going to kill my brother." Eddy stated before plummeting to his doom. He felt his life flash before his eyes and realized he was in way too many fanfics. "At this rate, I'll be in more silly fics than that Harry Potter guy." He suddenly felt a jerk and he landed on the back of a saddle. He looked up to see a girl with blonde hair and viking clothing. He sat upright on the saddle, and poked her shoulder a bit. He looked over and saw they were riding a blue dragon with spikes coming out the back of its head. "Hey, um thanks for saving my life." Eddy stated.

"No problem. Say, did you lose your dragon?" the girl asked.

"My dragon?" Eddy questioned.

"Well you fell from high up. Normally a person couldn't get to that height without a dragon." the girl stated.

"Uh, it's hard to explain how I got up here. My name's Eddy by the way." Eddy exclaimed, since the wind was against them.

"I'm Astrid! So are you an outsider, or do you come from a different clan?" Astrid asked.

"Uh, why do you ask?"

"Mostly cause you have on weird clothes." Eddy looked down to see he was still in his hoodie and blue pants. He wondered if he was in the right world since his clothes hadn't changed.

"Look, I'm looking for my friends. I got separated from them." Eddy proclaimed.

"Alright, but we got to make a stop first." Astrid replied.

"Where?" Eddy questioned.

"To the Dragon Academy." Astrid stated, as they were now over a viking village. They were now over a cage-like arena, where Eddy could see three more dragons with four people: a giant red one, a short brown one that had a hard skin, and a two headed green one. He couldn't see who the people were from the height they were at. Astrid landed her dragon through the entrance of the arena. Eddy was able to see the people more clearly. One was a male teen on the plus side, and had on a brown sleeveless shirt made out of fur, he had blonde hair and a viking helmet. The other one was a teen who had a viking helmet with twisted horns, a black vest made out of black fur, a light gray shirt, a black belt, and brown pants. The last two were twins but one of them was a boy and the other was a girl; they both had the same long hair, only the girl's hair was braided. They were in the same outfit, only thing was the boy was in a vest of fur. Eddy and Astrid jumped off the dragon, with Astrid landing perfectly and Eddy landing smack dab on his face.

"Damn it." Eddy muttered as he stood up.

"Hey Astrid, who's this clown?" the teen with the black fur vest walked over to them.

"This is Eddy." Astrid introduced Eddy.

"Eddy? That's a dumb name." the teen laughed.

"Oh yeah, what's your name?" Eddy questioned.

"Snotlout." Snotlout posed as he said that.

"Snotlout? Man your parents must hate you if they gave you a name like that." Eddy chuckled.

"At least my name is cooler than 'Eddy'." Snotlout countered.

"Say, what's your clothes made of?" the plump teen asked, as he examined his clothes.

"Uh, cotton I guess?" Eddy looked down at his clothes.

"It looks more than just cotton." The teen examined Eddy's clothes much to his displeasure.

"May I ask who's asking?" Eddy glared at the fat teen.

"Oh, I'm Fishlegs." Fishlegs stated, causing Eddy to laugh.

"What is with the names?!" Eddy choked out laughing. He then looked at the twins. "What are your names? Barf and Belch?"

"No, those our are dragon's names. I'm Tuffnut, and this is my lame sister Ruffnut." Tuffnut stated, making Eddy laugh even harder.

"Oh man, what next? Is a kid named Hiccup going to come in here?" Eddy choked out.

"Eddy!" Eddy turned, only to be tackled to the ground by his heavy friend.

"Ed you moron, get off me!" Eddy shouted.

"It seems you already found your friend." a voice stated. Eddy looked up to see a skinny teen, with brown dark hair, brown eyes, a green shirt covered by a brown fur vest, and brown pants. He also saw his friends standing behind him.

"Who are you?!" Eddy growled.

"Eddy, be nice! This is Hiccup." Edd stated, causing Eddy to burst out laughing.

"Oh man! Hiccup, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, Ruffnut! Those are the funniest names I've ever heard!" Eddy laughed a bit.

"The only funny name here is Eddy, shorty." A male voice stated, causing Eddy to stop laughing.

"Alright who said that?!" Eddy shouted.

"Said what?" Danny questioned.

"I heard someone say, 'The only funny name here is Eddy, shorty'." Eddy repeated the words he heard.

"No one said that." Timmy stated.

"Oh, so you heard that?" the voice stated again.

"You're damn right I heard it!" Eddy shouted, making everyone in the arena look at him weirdly.

"Eddy are you feeling alright?" Edd questioned as he put a forehand on his friend's head.

"I'm not sick, I know I heard someone say that!" Eddy growled.

"Geez, you have a short fuse on ya. Then again you are short." the voice proclaimed, making Eddy grab his head in anger.

"Shut up!" Eddy shouted.

"Eddy, calm down." Edd proclaimed.

"I'm not crazy. Maybe if you guys shut up we could hear it!" Eddy growled.

"Maybe you can talk to dead people." Tuffnut proclaimed.

"And you can see ghosts." Ruffnut added.

"Ok, I'm ignoring you two." Eddy stated.

"Wise choice." Astrid stated. Edd blinked his eyes twice and began to see a box over Eddy similar to the one over Ed, [New Ability: Dragon Tongue.]

"Um, Eddy perhaps we should go?" Edd suggested.

"No way! I'm not leaving til' I find out who's talking!" Eddy exclaimed loudly, looking around the arena.

"God, your voice is louder than a Thunderdrum's." a female voice stated. Eddy saw who had said those words – it was Astrid's dragon who said it.

"Ok, I am losing my mind." Eddy sat down on the ground.

"Sounds about right." Snotlout bluntly stated.

"What makes you say that?" Hiccup walked over to Eddy.

"Because, I heard that blue needle dragon thing say, 'My voice is louder than a Thunderdrum's.' Whatever that is." Eddy sighed.

"Alright can someone tell us what's going on? Cause I blacked out for a minute." Tuffnut questioned.

"Maybe we should tell them?" Edd whispered to Danny.

"Tell us what?" Astrid overheard Edd.

"Well this is going to be a long story, so you might want to sit down." Danny suggested. Everyone sat at a nearby bench.

~30 minutes later~

"So you guys are from another world? And you're trying to stop a guy named Gawmu, who has the power to pull worlds together? And you guys somehow acquired abilities that are new to you?" Hiccup summarized it up.

"Sounds about right." Danny nodded.

"Ok, how do we know you're not all crazy?" Snotlout questioned.

"Oh for the love of – Going Ghost!" Danny shouted as a white blue ring changed his samurai outfit into his black and gray jumpsuit. This surprised everyone (excluding the Eds and the other Nicktoons) to see Danny in a different outfit.

"Ok, we believe you. So why was Eddy freaking out?" Hiccup asked.

"We think his ability is to speak with dragons." Edd stated.

"Is that why he's having an argument with Toothless?" Fishlegs asked, pointing to Eddy who appeared to be chatting (arguing) with Toothless.

"At least I'm taller when I stand, I bet when you're on all fours, your body is at the ground." Toothless stated.

"Oh yeah, at least I have all my limbs, unlike you Mr. Fake tail fin!" Eddy shouted.

"God, Stormfly was right, your voice is louder than a Thunderdrum's." Toothless proclaimed.

"Eddy, I don't know much about your conversation, but you should stop." Edd stated.

"But, he-" Eddy was cut off an explosion that sounded like thunder striking the ground.

"What the hell was that?!" Danny shouted.

"It sounded like it came from the center of the island." Hiccup stated.

"We better get there." The dragon riders soon mounted up.

"Hey can we hitch a ride?" Danny asked.

"Sure." Astrid stated. Eddy and Danny rode on Hiccup's dragon, Edd and Spongebob rode on Fishlegs, Jimmy and Timmy rode on Tuffnut and Ruffnut's dragon, and Ed rode on Snotlout's dragon. They soon flew over head of the island and saw a plumage of smoke that gave off sparks. When the smoke cleared, it showed a teen with blue hair and light dark skin, wearing a thunderbolt shaped necklace in a brown shirt with a skull strapped to it and brown shorts. The Eds eyes widened in horror and realization at who it was.

"ROLF!" The Eds shouted in horror. The dragon riders soon landed on the ground next to Rolf.

"Ah, the ne'er-do-well Ed-Boys. Good to see you, after so long." Rolf grinned evilly.

"Rolf, I thought you were our friend!?" Edd questioned.

"I only live to serve Gawmu. He has shown me the true power of darkness!" Rolf shouted as purple lightning struck around them. "And now, Eddy, I challenge you to a duel!"

"A duel?" Jimmy questioned.

"A battle of strengths!" Rolf shouted.

"No way!" Eddy shouted.

"If you do not, then Rolf shall destroy this island!" Rolf exclaimed.

"Go ahead, destroy it for all I care." Eddy replied looking at his fingernails, while everyone glared at him. "What? Its not like he's going to do it! He's too chicken to do it."

"Chicken, is Rolf? Then let Rolf up the ante and up the stakes!" Rolf charged at Ed and Edd, catching them off guard. He shoved his hands into their chest causing blood to spit out. Rolf pulled his hands out of the two Eds' chests, holding two orbs, one green and one red. Eddy's eyes widened in shock as a little bit of blood got on his hoodie. Astrid and Hiccup checked the two Eds to see if they could stop the bleeding but for some strange reason there was no wound on them.

"What did you do to them?" Eddy growled. His eyes flashed green for a split second.

"Rolf merely ripped out their souls. Now, until short-loudmouth Ed boy beats Rolf, the two other Ed-Boys' souls shall belong to Rolf!" Rolf smiled evilly.

"You want a duel, then fine!" Eddy grabbed his scythe and took to a battle position.

"Prepare for the battle, loser Ed-boy!" Rolf snapped his fingers and both he and Eddy disappeared in a puff of smoke.

In a floating abyss-like arena...

Eddy and Rolf appeared in the center of the arena, where there was a glowing white orb holding the two Eds' souls. Rolf was holding a battle axe that was giving off sparks, thanks to the Thundergem around his neck. Eddy knew this would be more of a challenge with that Thunder Gem on him.

"Before we fight, wager the Thunder Gem as well!" Eddy suggested.

"Hmm, and what shall you give Rolf in return if Rolf is victorious?" Rolf stated.

"You can have Ed's Ice Gem." Eddy wagered. Now the stakes were higher than ever.

"An accord it is then?" Rolf held out his hand, which Eddy shook, causing both hands to glow black. Rolf jumped back fifteen feet and threw the Thunder Gem into the orb. The Ice Gem appeared in Eddy's hand, which made him think about Ed.

"I'll save you guys, I promise." Eddy muttered quietly, as he threw the Ice Gem into the orb as well.

"Rolf can still crush you without the aid of the Thunder Gem." Rolf charged at Eddy with the Battle Axe glowing black. Eddy intercepted the attack with his Scythe though it was hard to hold it back. Rolf slashed at Eddy's side, and lucky for Eddy, it only grazed him, leaving a small, but deep, cut on his shoulder. Eddy growled and recoiled as he held his shoulder in pain. Eddy looked up to see Rolf holding his battle axe up high, ready to bring it down. Eddy immediately dodged the attack, only to fall on his back. Rolf grinned and stepped on Eddy's chest and began to put all of his weight onto it. Eddy began to scream in pain at the pressure of Rolf stepping on his chest. Eddy closed his eyes and fainted from the pain. "You were no match for Rolf, spiky haired Ed-Boy." Rolf began to walk away from Eddy's unconscious body and over to the floating orb that contained not only Ed and Edd's soul, but the two gems as well.

Before Rolf could reach it, a blast of energy hit him in the back. He turned to see Eddy standing (barely), holding his scythe menacingly at Rolf. His eyes were no longer his calm sapphire blue eyes. They were now similar to a Night Fury's.

"So you found the strength to stand?" Rolf grinned evilly.

"I am going to end you!" Eddy's scythe began to glow bright white.

"Hmph. We shall settle this with a final battle attack! Last one standing wins the duel!" Rolf's battle axe began to glow dark purple.

"Deal!" Eddy and Rolf soon clashed their weapons together, causing an enormous explosion with both sides' power not letting up. The energy soon dissipated and smoke filled the air. Eddy and Rolf panted. Suddenly Eddy had a huge wound on his right shoulder which spit blood onto the arena floor. Eddy used his scythe to prop him up so he wouldn't fall over. Rolf's skull shirt fell to the ground as a deep slash wound was bored across his chest. Rolf fell to the ground in a pile of blood.

"It seems your will to win, and your cause for winning, was stronger than mine." Rolf muttered as he passed out from the loss of blood. Suddenly the two of them, along with the glowing orb, appeared in the center of Berk, where the Nicktoons and Dragon Riders were looking at him. Before they could rejoice, a dark corridor opened next to Rolf. Two people stepped out of the dark Corridor, to reveal it was...

"VLAD?!" Danny shouted.

"DENNIS?!" Spongebob shouted.

"Good to see that you remember me after 5 years." Dennis grinned underneath his bandanna. He picked up Rolf's unconscious body. "It seems these weaklings Gawmu got from that world aren't fit to wield the power of darkness."

"Quite a shame." Vlad grinned evilly. "By the way Eddy, I don't think you deserve the prize of your friends souls."

"What's that mean?!" Eddy growled at Vlad.

"You're the embodiment of greed, you're sinful, you deserve to be left alone in the dark." Vlad grabbed the two orbs that were in the white orb. "But, if you think you deserve your friends souls, come to Dragon Island. There, we shall battle." Vlad wrapped himself in his cape and disappeared, while Dennis walked back into the Dark Corridor which disappeared as he entered. Eddy's eyes were full of rage; not only did his friends' lifeless bodies lay on the ground, some fruit loop said he didn't deserve them. Eddy blinked his eyes once, and soon they were the same as a Night Fury's once more. Eddy looked down and saw that Vlad had left the two gems on the ground. Eddy place the Thunder Gem around his neck and placed the Ice Gem in his hoodie pocket.

"Hiccup! I'm taking Toothless!" Eddy shouted as he walked over and saddled up on Toothless.

"You don't know where Dragon Island is! Or how to ride Toothless!" Hiccup stated.

"That's why I'm going to let him drive!" Eddy shouted as they soon took to the air.

"How was he able to take off without knowing how to ride Toothless?" Astrid questioned.

"He's going to get himself killed. We got to saddle up and follow after him." Danny suggested. They soon mounted, with Hiccup riding with Astrid and Danny, and the others on the same dragons as before, only with Ed and Edd resting on Fishleg's dragon. Meanwhile, Eddy flew at 75 miles per hour on the back of the Night Fury. He only had one thing on his mind: that Vlad was going to die a slow and painful death a thousand times worse than Rolf.

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors Of The Wild Ch.9

I do not own Ed, Edd n Eddy, they belong to Cartoon Network.

I do not own Nicktoons Unite!, they belong to THQ Games.

Talk about a Cliffhanger! As Eddy races to Dragon Island, what will Vlad have in store for
Eddy? And will Ed and Edd be saved in the midst of Eddy's victory? This is Ghostdog 2.5 signing out, PEACE! :)


Tagged by :iconsupersmashbrony475:

1) You must post these rules. Or not. I don't care.
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His Questions
1. Do you watch Steven Universe (I seen it and I love it :D)
Love it and want to hug it
2. Do you watch Deathbattle (I watch it and can't wait for Goku vs Superman rematch)
I do, but I disliked the Goku Rematch
3. Have you seen Antman? (I did and it was pretty cool, but trippy)
I haven't seen it but its kind of good
4. Who would win Razer of the Red Lantern corp or Demon Sunset (I believe Razer not because I hate Sunset Shimmer [Ok it's a little bit] but Razer has the red lantern ring and is powered by rage he would be the clear winner)
Demon Sunset
5. Who would you rather learn from Goku or Ryu (I would rather learn from Goku)
Goku due to his power
6. Did you play any of the Metal Gear Solid    (I do it's pretty cool)
Haven't played it
7. What do think of the new Fantastic 4 movie (I'd watch it)
I like the black human torch
8. What movie did you watch lately that was good (I would say Paul Blart 2)
The Book of Life
9. What's your favorite cartoon? (Steven Universe)
Littlest Pet Shop
10. You remember Ed Edd n Eddy? (It's hilarious)
I shall always remember them

My Questions
1. Ever played Kingdom Hearts?
2.What do you think of the Teen Titans GO! cartoon.
3. What did you think of Phineas and Ferb's Last Day Of Summer
4. Which is worst? Dog from CatDog or Modern Patrick from Modern Spongebob
5. If you had the power to bring cartoons to life would it be better for the world or worst?
6. What Cartoon do you think they should bring back at the cost of taking a cartoon off the air?
7. Which Cartoons do you remember? Krypto the Superdog, Road Rovers, Tom and Jerry Kids
8. Which pairing is good? CheesePie, SpongeSquirrel
9. Should they do this crossover? The Secret Trio Danny, Randy, Jake
10. What do you like best about the world

I tag you guys
:iconsashagami12: :iconmatededdneddy: :iconchrisnest: :iconfrozarburst: :iconcrb145: 
Shushy- Adopted Ref Sheet by Ghostdog123765
Shushy- Adopted Ref Sheet
Well this was created by :iconnightfuryismine: and adopted by me. His name is now Shushy. I must say she does really good work. 

I do not own this art only the character.

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Chapter Eight: PlantEds – In the midst of battle, a wolf awakens.

The Eds were shocked by this; not only was Sarah taken, but apparently Johnny was here as well.

"Can you guys tell us who this Johnny guy is?" Timmy asked.

"He use to be a friend of ours, until some people we knew beat him up after meeting Eddy's brother." Edd explained.

"Strange. What happened when you guys met Eddy's brother?" Danny asked.

"Some jerks became friends with us, some friends became dicks." Eddy summarized.

"Ok, so how are we going to get the ice gem? There's guards at the door." Jimmy pointed to the entrance of the castle. There were weird plant men, with Plank's face.

"We need a plan to get in without arous-" Danny was cut off by Ed.

"No more talk! BIG ED'S COMING BABY SISTER!" Ed shouted as he charged at the guards and sliced them into bits. Ed broke through the door.

"We needed a plan because plant creatures-" Danny was cut off by a bunch of carnivorous Venus Flytraps surrounding them. "Can easily outnumber us..." Danny finished.

"You're not taking me alive!" Eddy shouted. "Fear the reaper!" Eddy battle cried as he sliced through one of them up the middle, only for it to regenerate back into itself.

"Plant creatures can easily regenerate themselves." Danny held up his katana high, defending himself from a vine attack. "Guys, put up your force fields." They all did so, Edd placed a force field over Balto as well. Danny began to glow blue, and he unleashed a wave at the Venuses surrounding them. Danny panted and began to shiver a bit.

"What was that?!" Eddy asked.

"Cryokenesis, I have this weird self generating ic-" Danny was cut off by Eddy.

"Don't care anymore, lets go help Lumpy!" Eddy shouted as they ran past the frozen plant creatures.

Meanwhile with Ed...

Ed was slashing through plant creatures left and right, with an angered, but tired expression on his face. These creatures kept regenerating every time he slashed through one of them. He grinned a bit and charged, an Aura sphere in his hand. He dropped it to the ground, and jumped up into the air. When he was a safe distance away, he snapped his fingers causing the Aura Sphere to explode and taking out the room filled with plant creatures. Ed landed feet first on the ground and began to scale the stairs to the top. He sliced through numerous creatures on the way, getting a few cuts and bruises. He didn't care about it as long as he could save his baby sister from the horticultural horror of Johnny. When he reached the top he saw Johnny sitting on a plant-like throne. Johnny was wearing a giant gourd on his head which covered his purple eyes, and a brown version of his Captain Melonhead clothes with Ed's Ice Gem upon his neck. He had a long scepter with Plank at the tip.

"Where's my sister, you overgrown weed?!" Ed shouted as he pointed his sword at Johnny's chest.

"Really Ed? No, 'Hey, how are ya doing?' No, 'How was life in jail after beating up three jerks who deserved it and hijacked a bus?!'" Johnny growled at Ed.

"You got life in jail for that?" Ed questioned.

"Hijacking a bus full of people is a serious fucking offense. I got five years in jail. Five fucking years!" Johnny shouted at Ed. "In that time I began to wonder why I was there."

"Because you stole a bus?" Ed pointed out.

"No, it was you guys! You and your two friends got me sent there because of that stupid ass scam!" Johnny screeched at Ed. "And what was your punishment for running away from home?"

"Well, I think I got a week grounding, Eddy got two weeks and Double D got four days." Ed proclaimed.

"I don't know what's more astonishing, the fact that you remembered or the fact you guys got a weaker grounding." Johnny questioned. "Anyway, you've taken my life away and I'll repay the favor."

Sarah jumped from behind the throne with a vine attached to the back of her skull, her eyes hazel green. She had a plant-like sword of some kind, that looked stronger than it's appearance.

"Sarah!" Ed shouted. "What did you do to her?!"

"You have two options Ed: one, fight your sister to get to me and at the same time you'll take the life of your lone sibling, or two lose the battle, while at the same time, dying by your sister's hand. Either way its a win-win situation for me." Johnny grinned evilly.

"Sarah! Snap out of it!" Ed shouted at Sarah. His pleas fell on deaf ears.

"I live to serve the Dark Gourd." Sarah proclaimed, which made Ed's eyes widen in fear. Sarah charged at Ed with her grass blade at the ready, only to be blocked by Ed's buster blade.

"Sarah please! I know you're in there!" Ed pleaded to his sister who kept attacking, the sound of metal clanging against both their swords as Sarah delivered attacks while Ed defended. Ed continued to defend until he was backed to a wall, allowing Sarah the perfect moment to strike. Sarah slashed Ed across his chest causing a lot of blood to spit out onto the cold plant ground.

"ED!" six voices shouted. Sarah and Johnny turned to see the two Eds and four Nicktoons.

"That's it! Ed's sister or not, you're so going down!" Timmy growled as he launched three TNT packed arrows at Sarah, who easily dodged them. Timmy continued firing arrows at Sarah who immediately dodged them. Eddy decided to use Timmy's outburst to his advantage. Eddy charged at Johnny ready to snatch the gem off of his neck. When Eddy's hand was within an inch of the gem, it was grabbed by a plant like arm in the ground. Johnny grinned evilly as he made the arm throw Eddy into Ed, who was bleeding out.

"Now, I bet you all are wondering why I stole the Ice Gem?" Johnny questioned.

"Not really." Danny proclaimed

"Already guessed it." Jimmy stated.

"It's pretty easy to figure out." Edd proclaimed.

"Oh really?! Then what did you figure out?" Johnny asked.

"You're probably using the Ice Gem's temperature resistant abilities to create a plant army that can withstand the cold." Edd explained. "Did we guess right?"

"Am I really that predictable?" Johnny asked.

"Well, honestly yeah. You don't see that many trees in Alaska, and your palace is literally a giant tree." Danny replied. "Plus everyone knows that cold weather is bad for the plants."

"Plankions! Attack!" Johnny shouted, which caused a bunch of plant-like creatures with Plank's face to appear. They charged at the heroes. who defended (except for Ed who was still defending his attacks from his sister despite his deep wound). Ed ground his teeth as the pain began to strike him. Before Sarah could deliver the final blow, Ed held her back with an aura shield.

"Sarah wait!" Ed shouted.

"Give it up with that 'I know you're still in there' speech. It's getting old!" Johnny shouted.

"That's not what I was going to say." Ed released his force field and walked over to Sarah. He held his blade with a reverse grip, meaning he was relinquishing his blade. "If I'm going to die at my sibling's hand, I'm going to die an honorable death at the hand of my blade like the cool warriors do in my comic books."

"Very well. Sarah take Ed's sword and drive it into his heart." Johnny commanded, which made Sarah snatch the sword out of Ed's hand. Sarah pointed the blade at Ed's heart and was about to thrust until she felt a strange wave of visions going through her mind.


"Here you go baby sister, swing to your hearts content." Ed smiled as he put Sarah and Jimmy on the swing and pushed them, letting them ride the swings.

"There there, a big hug from your brother will make it all better." Ed hugged Sarah, until he was beat up by her. "Have mercy child of the netherworld!"

Sarah was outside with her new bike and began to try and ride it, until she crashed into a lemonade stand with the words, Ednergizer Drinks.

"Damn it! Ed your stupid sister wrecked our energy drink stand!" Eddy shouted, much to Sarah's displeasure.

"Eddy! Language! Sarah probably didn't mean to. Perhaps you would like assistance on how to ride a bike?" Edd asked as he helped Sarah off of the remains of Eddy's new scam, much to her pleasure.

"Oh, I know how to teach her!" Ed shouted. He ran off for a bit then came back with a bike.

"Ed is that Kevin's bike?" Edd asked.

"Maybe." Ed grinned a goofy smile. He then began to ride the bike with ease. "See baby sister! It's easy."

"DORK! YOU GOT TEN SECONDS TO GIVE ME MY BIKE BACK OR I'M POUNDING YA!" Kevin shouted as he chased after Ed who was still riding.

"Uh-oh!" Ed began to pedal faster while looking behind him instead of in front of him, causing him to crash the bike into a light post. The light post then began to lean and landed on a nearby house.

"MY HOUSE!" Kevin shouted.

"Eddy, I think we should run." Edd suggested.

"Why? This was just getting good, and I was learning how to ride a bike from this visual aid." Eddy grinned.

"Because Kevin is probably going to get madder and not only pound Ed, but pound us as well." Edd proclaimed.

"Yeah, we better run." Eddy replied, as Ed came running over to them with Kevin following closely behind with a lead pipe. The three Eds soon began to run away from an enraged Kevin, leaving Sarah laughing her sides off.

Sarah's hands began to tremble a bit as she poked his chest with the blade a bit. Her eyes were now full of sorrow and sadness, as tears began to stream down her face. Ed noticed this and looked at her with eyes full of hope, as if he was saying 'I know there's good in you.'

"Do it!" Johnny commanded. "End his life!"

"I live to serve the Dark Gourd." Sarah lifted the blade up high over her head, she looked at Ed and winked at him, making him smile. Sarah turned, chopping the vine attached to the back of her head with the blade.

"What?! My vine control was perfect!" Johnny shouted. Sarah grabbed Ed's hand and threw him at Johnny while handing him his blade back. Ed grinned mischievously as he held an aura ball in front of him ready to blast Johnny for controlling his baby sister. Ed was stopped in mid air as his chest and shoulders were pierced by Johnny's vines.

"ED!" All six of the teens and the preteen shouted as they saw blood leak onto the vine.

"I should've just killed you myself." Johnny growled as he flexed his hand causing the vines to throw him through the walls and let him go, making him plummet from a nine yard drop onto the cold hard ground. Eddy and Edd's eyes were filled with horror and sorrow but Eddy's eyes were also filled with anger, fury, and revenge.

"You...ASSHOLE!" Eddy shouted as he charged at Johnny with fire in his eyes. Eddy raised his scythe high and slashed it down at Johnny, who dodged it. Luckily his scythe sliced through the chain of the Ice Gem, causing it to fall to the ground in the center of the room. Sarah immediately dashed for it, as well as Johnny. Eddy growled and held Johnny back and put him in a massive headlock. "No so fast baldy!" Eddy growled. Sarah was able to grab the Ice Gem, unfortunately a vine grabbed her arm.

"Give me that Gem Sarah!" Johnny shouted, as he elbowed Eddy in the jaw, causing the short Ed to hold his jaw in pain. Sarah glared at Johnny, who had the nerve to ask for the gem after he just killed her only brother.

"You want it baldy! Go fetch!" Sarah threw the gem out of the hole where Ed was thrown through.

"You bitch!" Johnny shouted as he made two vines pierce her shoulders, causing her to scream. "Might as well die the same way as your brother." Johnny flexed his hand and made the vines throw Sarah through the hole.

~Outside of the plant castle~

Ed was lying lifeless on the cold hard snow. Balto was at his side. Ed's face bore something that was so out of character for him: a frown. He was about to die and his friends were about to suffer the same fate. As Ed looked at the sky he felt something hit his chest. He looked down and saw it was the Ice Gem. A lot of good that would do for him. He suddenly heard a familiar scream, causing him to look up. His eyes showed the reflection of someone falling as blood escaped their body. Ed recognized the someone as his sister. Ed felt an overwhelming power over come him. As he felt this power coursing through his veins, his deep wound began to heal itself instantly. Ed growled as he began to stand up, holding his blade with fury. He held his head in pain as he felt something grow out of it, which was a pair of white wolf ears. Ed's orange hair began to turn white, matching the ears that sprouted from it. Ed's pants ripped as a white wolf tail poked out of his backside.

"I will kill you Johnoooooo!" Ed's last statement was cutoff by him howling to the moon. Ed did a spin and thrust his sword into the air causing the snow around him to lift him into the air. As he soared through the air he grabbed his sister's body and Ed burst through the wall next to the other hole. Everyone, even Johnny, was surprised to see Ed alive, but also with dog ears and a tail.

"Ed?" Eddy and Edd questioned.

"Double D! Tend to Sarah's wounds." Ed threw Sarah at Edd which upon impact made both of them hit the ground.

"How is it that you're not dead?!" Johnny shouted.

"The wolf inside me has awakened and tended to my wounds. With the Ice Wolf's power coursing through my body, I SHALL DEFEAT YOOOOOOOOU!" Ed howled the last part. Johnny thrust his vines at Ed, only for them to be slashed to pieces by the mighty Ed's buster blade. Ed charged at Johnny and slashed at him, only to be blocked by Johnny's scepter. Ed growled and began to freeze everything around them.

"We better get going." Edd suggested.

"Shouldn't we help Ed?" Spongebob asked.

"Nah, Lumpy's got this covered." Eddy grinned as they all rushed out with Edd struggling to carry Sarah.

"You're going to die at my hands!" Johnny shouted at Ed.

"Better have something more than plants to back your smack!" Ed shouted as he roundhouse kicked Johnny through the wall and out into the snow. Ed place his sword on his back and pointed his hands to the ground. His green jacket appeared onto his body, much to his pleasure. As his arms were pointed to the ground, snow came out of his sleeves, propelling him into the air like a majestic eagle. Ed growled as he saw Johnny standing, he could tell Johnny was pissed.

"I shall defeat you in the name of the mighty Gawmu!" Johnny shouted as vines came out of the ground and began piercing his skin. Vines soon surrounded the Wood boy, and grew into a giant plant monster with Plank's face on it.

"I quote Dante from the Devil May Cry game, 'Prepare to die demon!'" Ed shouted as he dived straight down, with his sword in his hands ready to slash at his face. Ed impaled the Plank monster with his sword, causing it to screech in pain. "If you think that hurts, just wait til I do this!" Ed shouted as his blade began to turn silvery white and the Plank monster's face began to turn white with frost. Ed jumped off the plant beast's face as it screeched in pain from the ice attack. "Time to finish this!" Ed began to make the frost on the Plank beast's face surround it, causing the whole creature to be frozen in place. Ed soon created an ice bridge to the beast's chest. Ed lifted his blade up high, causing a whirlwind of snow to surround his right arm, forming a giant ice-like blade that encased his arm and blade. "Pathway to heaven..." Ed started as he ran across the ice bridge to the creature's chest. When he was at the midpoint, he jumped into the air. "SMACKDOWN TO HELL!" Ed shouted as he sliced through the plant creature with his ice sword arm.

The creature's remains began to fall to the ground fading like a flower. Ed looked inside the plant creature's body to see that Johnny wasn't in it. Ed sighed, his ears fell to the sides sad. Ed walked over to his friends and baby sister who was healed of her injuries thanks to Edd.

"Did you do him in?" Danny asked.

"I don't know, he wasn't in the monster's shell." Ed proclaimed.

"Damn it! I wanted to see that punk crying too." Eddy stated.

"We better get going. It's not all bad." Spongebob proclaimed.

"What're you blubbering about?" Eddy questioned.

"Ed not only saved his sister, but he unlocked his warrior powers." Spongebob proclaimed.

"Let's go." Timmy shouted. Jimmy pulled out a gun-like device and opened a portal to Volcano Island. As they walked into the portal they waved goodbye to Balto.

~Meanwhile in a dark dimension-like castle~

We come to a castle in a dark dimension that looked warped beyond the cloak of sanity. A portal opens up in the castle's throne room and out comes Johnny who was covered in bruises. He pants hastily as he closes the portal.

"Thank goodness, I'm alive." Johnny proclaimed as he panted. That thought was soon silenced when a gloved fist punched him. Johnny looked up to see a green man in a black outlaw outfit with shades and a red bandanna.

"You're going to wish that retard killed you." the man stated.

"Come on Dennis. I gave it a try and that's got to count for something!" Johnny whimpered.

"No. Gawmu is not pleased with that bitch performance you put on." Dennis grimaced. "He asked me to punish you, and I'm going to enjoy it."

~Back to Volcano Island~

The Eds, Sarah and the Nicktoons walked into the control room where they were greeted by their teachers.

"Good to see you guys are still alive." Ben stated.

"What's this douchebag doing here?" Sarah questioned.

"He's our teacher. Can we get ready for the next world?" Danny questioned.

"First, you guys should rest, especially you Ed, after that hit you took." Luke stated.

"How'd you guys know about that?" Eddy questioned.

"The computer monitor can show us the world you guys are in." Renamon explained.

"I can't believe you risked your life for that brat of a sis-" Ben was cut off by Sarah kicking him in the balls. "My balls!"

"Well, let's get some sleep for the next Edventure!" Ed shouted.

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors of the wild Ch.8
Here's another posted idea of mine that I decided to post here, I hope to bring more chapters onto this site.

I do not own the characters.


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Chapter Seven: SnowEd in Battle.

We come to a quiet forest in the middle of winter, where the trees were pristine with little icicle droplets hanging from the leaves. All was quiet until a portal opened up. The first to come out of the portal was Eddy and Timmy. The second was Ed and Spongebob landing on them. The last three were Edd, Jimmy and Danny who landed with Edd on top.

"Get off!" Eddy shouted as he pushed the stacked heroes off of him.

"Where the heck are we?" Timmy asked.

"Somewhere in a forest." Danny examined.

"And it seems our clothes changed to match the scenery." Spongebob stated. They were all in different colored winter weather clothes. Ed had on a Russian like hat, and a green parka, with his sword strapped to his back. Edd was in a dark brown parka with his hat still the same, his Comet Staff and spell book in a satchel secured around his shoulder. Eddy was in a yellow parka with a vertical red stripe on front, his Scythe strapped to his back. Danny was in a black parka with his D insignia on the right arm of it. His katana was in a black hilt at the belt of his outfit. Timmy was in a pink parka with a yellow star on the shoulder, his bow and quiver at his back. Jimmy was in a red parka with his neutron symbol on its chest, his javelin at his back. Spongebob was in a white parka, his gauntlets still on his fists.

"I suggest we look around and find civilization." Edd suggested. They soon began to explore the forest and came across a small town. They walked into town to see it was very old fashioned.

"Strange. It seems this world is in different era." Jimmy summarized.

"Excuse me," Danny walked over to a man. "Do you know what date it is? Also what's this town called?" Danny asked politely.

"It's November 19th, 1928. And this is Nome, Alaska." The man replied, before walking off.

"So that explains it, we're in the 20th Century." Edd proclaimed.

"Why couldn't we go to one when its the 21st Century?" Timmy asked.

"We should start looking for the gem. But we have no clue as to where it is." Danny suggested.

"On the contrary Danny, we do have clues on how to find it." Edd smiled. "Remember our teachers told us what the gems are. Ice, Thunder, Light, Pride, Heart, Mind, and Love. Also Alaska is home to some snow wolves, which happen to be the same type of animal as the warrior of ice."

"Alright, so all we have to do is find a place crawling with wolves." Spongebob stated.

"I don't think-" Edd was cut off by a shriek of terror. The town was being overrun by purple canine ice creatures, big and small.

"Looks like that'll have to wait, we have to crush some ice." Danny stated. As soon as they pulled out their weapons their clothes changed back into their warrior form.

"Lothar shall defeat them!" Ed shouted swinging his sword into the big ones, which broke on impact from the blow. Timmy began shooting arrows with TNT at some creature's heads, exploding on impact. Danny charged at a large one and sliced it through the middle. Eddy charged at a group of them and spun around, slicing their heads off with his scythe. Jimmy pole-vaulted into the mouth of one of them, accidentally pressing a hidden button on the javelin making it extend through the ice creature's body, destroying it instantly. Spongebob ran through the battle punching and kicking each ice creature that charged at him. Edd was using a living fireball spell so it would destroy the creatures for him. As soon as the creatures were destroyed, more appeared in their place.

"There's too many of them! We're gonna have to lead them away from town!" Jimmy shouted. With that the seven warriors ran out of the town with the ice creatures following close behind. The creatures were gaining on them fast, and even at Danny and Ed's speed they couldn't outrun them forever. When they were a safe distance away from the town, Ed turned and threw an aura sphere at the leading creature. Upon impact the blast took out the whole pack of creatures chasing them.

"That was awesome, you got to teach me that move!" Timmy smiled at Ed.

"Ok, now we need to find the ice gem, and get back to volcano island so we can go to the next world." Danny proclaimed.

"Well, we need to know more information about the gem though." Edd suggested.

"On it." Jimmy pulled out his PDA, and began to tinker with it. "I can link up an inter-dimensional link to the Volcano's TV screen and...voila." Jimmy showed them the PDA with a live video feed of the four teachers and Maximus.

"Good to see that you made it through the portal well, chosen ones." Maximus stated.

"Hey Maximus, can you tell us more about the gems? Specifically the ice gem." Danny asked.

"The Ice Gem; it belongs to the most unique person of the group. It allows its user to handle degrees below 0, and bend the snow to their will." Maximus explained. "The gem allows the user to grow wolf ears and a tail as well."

"Would the user of the Ice Gem create creatures of Ice as well?" Edd asked.

"Yes, its very useful." Maximus stated. Before he could explain more, an ice spear impaled the PDA, which made Jimmy drop it. They turned to see who fired the ice spear, and saw a twelve year old girl. She had on a light blue hoodie with snow dazzling off it, blue jeans and a necklace with a snowflake gem around her neck. Her pupils were dark purple with black surrounding them.

"Sarah!" the Eds exclaimed in unison.

"Sarah?" the Nicktoons questioned in unison.

"Sarah is Ed's bratty sister." Eddy proclaimed.

"Although, she stopped being mean to Ed when she saw Eddy's brother." Edd stated.

"Why are you here baby sister?" Ed asked.

"I serve the mighty Gawmu, and now that I have the Ice Gem he shall be most pleased." Sarah growled. "But while I'm here, why don't I just off the seven threats to his mission?"

"Who?" Ed questioned which made the others face-palm.

"You guys! God you're an idiot!" Sarah growled. She smashed her fist to the ground, causing ice spears to shoot out of the snow and at the heroes. They immediately used their aura shields to defend, causing the ice needles to break on impact.

"Sarah! Don't throw stuff!" Ed shouted.

"Sarah don't throw stuff." Sarah mocked her brother's tone.

"Guys we got to get that necklace off of her!" Danny was about to charge at Sarah, katana at the ready, only to be tackled to the ground by Ed.

"You can't hurt my sister!" Ed shouted.

"But Ed she has the Ice Gem!" Danny shouted at Ed.

"Still, you can't hurt her." Ed screamed back at him.

"Oh Ed, so stupid and innocent. I'll put that on your tombstone." Sarah stated as she launched a spiked ice ball at the two sword carrying heroes. Danny placed an ecto shield around the two of them, blocking the ball.

"So we can't attack her? How are we going to get the necklace off of her?" Danny questioned.

"I got it. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof I wish the necklace was off of Sarah and that she was back to normal." Timmy exclaimed, as his three 'computer programs' appeared.

"Say goodbye Ice Witch!" Cosmo shouted, as the three waved their wands, only to get a 'pbht' noise from them.

"What's going on?" Timmy asked. Suddenly a ringtone came into sound [Blow- By Ke$ha]. Eddy blushed and reached into his pocket.

"You have a Ke$ha ringtone?" Danny questioned.

"Shut up! Hello?" Eddy answered his phone.

"Yeah Eddy is this a bad time?" Ben grinned as he could hear Eddy dodging a few ice spears.

"What the hell do you want?" Eddy asked.

"Well, pass this to Timmy, the gems are immune to fairy magic." Ben stated.

"Oh gee I think we figure that out when his wish didn't work!" Eddy shouted.

"Also, tell Danny that the gem can't be removed by his ghost powers." Ben stated, as Danny charged at Sarah making his body intangible. When he made contact with the gem he got a nasty shock and was thrown back into a tree.

"Ow..." Danny groaned.

"Well that's all pipsqueak, enjoy your journey." Ben hanged up.

"Oh I hope I get to kick his balls again!" Eddy growled, before dodging a few ice needles thrown at him. Ed stood up and dodged a few ice balls thrown at him. Sarah growled and encased Ed in an ice pillar up to his neck.

"Sarah don't do this!" Ed shouted.

"Good bye Ed. Forever." Sarah stated, as she made an ice sword. Before she could impale his heart with it, she was tackled to the ground by a brown wolf/dog creature. The wolf growled at her before removing the Ice Gem from her neck, causing the ice pillar encasing Ed and her ice sword to melt away. Ed turned to the wolf and smiled.

"Thanks noble Doggy." Ed smiled petting the wolf/dog.

"It was nothing." The canine spoke.

"Doggy can talk?" Ed picked up the canine.

"Ed are you feeling alright?" Spongebob walked over to Ed.

"Spongebob this Doggy can talk!" Ed held up the wolf/dog in front of Spongebob's face.

"My name is Balto, not Doggy." Balto spoke.

"Uh Ed? He just barked." Danny stated.

"But I heard him." Ed proclaimed.

Edd walked over to the group, as he did he began to hold his head in pain.

"Double D, are you ok?" Ed asked.

When Edd looked up he saw a small box above Ed's head that read: [Status: Normal. New Ability acquired: Wolf Speak.].

"I'm telling you guys he talked." Ed stated.

"He's right." Edd proclaimed, causing everyone to look at him weirdly. "I don't know why, its just a feeling I have."

"Well maybe its one of those dormant abilities that have awakened?" Spongebob suggested. "Perhaps Ed's ability is to talk to wolves?"

"It would make sense." Jimmy muttered. As they talked, a weird plant-like creature crept underneath the snow.

"So what's he saying?" Timmy asked.

"We should probably get that glowing thing before that girl gets it." Balto stated, causing Ed to see turn and see Sarah reaching for the Ice Gem.

"Sarah! NO!" Ed shouted. Just as Sarah was about to get the gem, she was stopped by a strange ring binding her arm. They turned to see Edd with his Comet Staff a' glowin'.

"It was necessary," Edd stated as he picked up the Ice Gem. "I think this Ice Gem should go to Ed."

"Yay!" Ed smiled as he was handed the Ice Gem, he placed it around his neck. "To me my ice minions!" Ed shouted, though nothing happened.

"Maybe you need to activate it or something." Spongebob touched the Ice Gem.

"First we should question little miss smart mouth." Eddy had his scythe pointed at Sarah.

"Perhaps we should see if this will help." Edd waves his wand over Sarah causing a circle to appear under her with strange markings on it. She began to scream a bit causing Ed to worry.

"What are you doing to her?!" Ed charged at Edd only too be blocked by a forcefield. The screaming seized from Sarah as she began to vomit purple ooze from her mouth. As she did her eyes began to turn from black to white, and her pupils turned into two pink pearls.

"My head hurts." Sarah groaned holding her head in pain.

"Sarah are you ok?" Ed asked. Before Sarah could respond the plant-like creature jumped out of the snow, snatching not only Ed's sister, but his Ice Gem as well. The plant creature took off into the forest.

"Sarah!" Ed shouted as he began to chase after the plant creature with the others following close behind. The plant creature was fast, and when they were out of the forest they saw a huge green castle. The one thing on the castle that made the Eds heart race was the smiley face on the front.

"Johnny!" The Eds shouted simultaneously.

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors of the Wild Ch.7
Here's chapter seven of Warriors Of The Wild at ya. 

I really hope to get some writing courage back by reposting these. I do not own the cartoons used in this.

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Chapter 6: Graduation Day...

Edd was reading another journal entry:

Journal Entry #35: July 21st.

Today was an average summer day. Damian was doing some meditation techniques, Denny was off looking for someone to fight with as usual. I was helping Jeremiah with his come-puter, hoping that my magic crystals could power it. Thomas walked off to see where Denny went, Devin went along with Thomas to help. When Thomas returned, Denny's wing was severed and it looked like he was almost killed. I wondered where Devin was until I heard his wolf cry for help. I requested that Jeremiah help with Denny's wounds, while the others and I went to see what was happening to Dev. When we got there we saw Devin was bleeding: he had many slash wounds all over his body. We saw his attacker was a strange demon who looked human. His hair was gray and had dog ears similar to Devin's andhe was in a red traditional Chinese outfit. His blade was almost as big as Devin's and its hilt guard had fur on it. I was confused as to why Devin was losing. He would've been able to defeat that demon in his current warrior form. Though that thought was soon reduced to wet tissue paper, as Devin began to revert back into his human form. The demon was walking closer to Devin. I panicked and gave away the element of surprise by putting a ring of binding on the red dressed demon.

The demon was able to cut through my spell as if it was nothing. I wondered if this warrior was a new type of enforcer sent by the Mawgu. It was hard to believe that this enforcer slashed straight through Denny's wing, and was able to bring Devin to the point of exhaustion. Still I didn't want to take any chances. Jeremiah came along in a horse drawn carriage with Denny in the back. I levitated Devin into the carriage while the others piled in. Jeremiah drove the carriage as fast as it could go. I thought our troubles were over, until I saw the demon was keeping up with us on foot. I decided to cut the demon's efforts short and opened a portal to Maximus' world, allowing us to get away from the demon in time. After going through, I closed the portal before the demon could enter. I don't know what world that was, but I never want to go there again.

End of journal entry...

Edd was beginning to wonder about this journal and who it belonged to. His thoughts were soon shattered by Ed yawning loudly. Eddy groaned and put his pillow over his head to block the lummox's noise. Eddy was determined to sleep in after the week he'd had. Ed decided to go and see Timmy, while Edd continued to read the journal. As Ed began to walk out of the room to go to Timmy's room, he felt a presence behind him. He turned around to see nothing was there, when he turned to walk over to Timmy's room, he came face to face with a shadowy figure in a hood. Ed pulled his buster blade out of his pocket and tried to slash at the figure, only for it to dodge his attacks. The shadowy figure chanted in an ancient dialect and suddenly he and Ed were now in the courtyard. Ed growled and charged at the shadowy figure, though his attempts were futile.

"Eat Aura Blast, dark creature of the netherworld!" Ed shouted, as he generated an Aura Sphere in his left hand and threw it at the figure's chest. The Aura Sphere had a lower number now: 4...3...2...1. The blast was enormous enough to wake and get the attention of the other six chosen ones. They ran outside to see the courtyard had a huge crater in the center. Ed panted a bit, and looked into the smoke where the shadowy figure was, only to see that it was still standing with his sleeves blown off. The blast was enough to remove the hood as well to reveal who it was,

"BRO?!" Eddy asked. "Why out of all the fucking characters Ghostdog chooses he choose you! You know how awful that choice is? I'd rather Ghostdog add Mewtwo or Goku to this fanfic!"

"Look, he already wrote me as the bad guy too many times." Eddy's brother grinned, as he turned to Timmy. "I hope you enjoyed, the little lesson I gave you Timmy."

"So you taught me how to use my quiver?" Timmy asked remembering Eddy's brother wearing the hood from yesterday.

"Yep, and now its time to put those lessons to the test for all of you." Eddy's brother smirked deviously.

"Wait, Renamon said we could have a free day!" Jimmy proclaimed.

"She did. What she didn't say was that if you guys have enough time left after the battle you'll get the rest of the day to relax." Eddy's brother chuckled.

"I hate Renamon now, and Ghostdog." Eddy muttered underneath his breath.

"So, today is now Graduation Day. If you seven can beat me in a head to head fight, you're worthy of getting the gems." Eddy's brother grinned. "So far Ed has started." He gestured to the big sword wielding Ed, "But what about yo-" He was cut off by Eddy shoving an aura sphere in his gut. The force of the Aura Sphere sent the older sibling straight into a column, which broke on impact. Eddy panted as his hand was smoking from the energy he released.

"EDDY! You just tried to kill your own brother!" Edd shouted running over to his scythe wielding friend.

"Trust me, that wasn't enough to do him in." Eddy proclaimed as they began to feel a huge energy pulsing in the air. Eddy's brother came out of the ground with a white aura surrounding him. He cricked his neck in annoyance.

"Ever heard of respecting your elders?" Eddy's brother growled, as both of his fists were surrounded by yellow orbs of aura.

"I don't respect dicks-" Eddy was cut off by his brother knee jabbing him in the gut. The force of the kick sent Eddy flying into a column. The impact caused the column to break and trap Eddy under a pile of rubble.

"EDDY!" Ed and Edd screamed.

"He's fine, I've seen him take worse." His brother stated. "Now, just to clarify my name is Ben so you guys won't have to call me Eddy's brother. Now lets continue fight-"

Ben was cut off by Ed bashing an Aura Sphere into his gut, which made Ben fly back from the impact. Ben growled and looked down to see the Aura Sphere was still at his chest. The glowing sphere had a number above it: 1...0. The explosion was the same equivalent of a meteor striking the earth. When the smoke cleared from the explosion, Ben was still standing, only now the torso of his robe was gone.

"Damn it, guess I'll have to take out the heavy hitters in this graduation challenge." Ben growled as he charged at Ed with a yellow glowing sphere in hand. When Ed held his blade in front of him to block the attack, Ben disappeared for a few seconds, which was long enough for Ed to drop his guard making Ben shove the Aura Sphere in his gut. When Ben jumped back about five feet, Ed looked down to see the Aura Sphere had a number above it: 3...2...1. Ed didn't have time to counter attack, causing an explosion which created a crater deep into the earth. When the smoke cleared, Ed was seen at the bottom of the crater with his blue shirt destroyed from the blast. Ed attempted to get up, only to cough up some blood in the process.

"Ed! Are you ok?!" Timmy shouted down into the crater. All Ed could do was close his eyes, exhausted from the blast. Timmy glared at Ben, who was grinning at this. "Teacher or not, no one messes with my friend!" Timmy pulled out three arrows and launched them at Ben who merely dodged them as if they were nothing. Ben disappeared for a second and reappeared in front of Timmy, startling him and causing the buck toothed boy to fall on his backside. Timmy began to back away from the large man approaching him.

"You know what they say, cut the chain at the weakest link." Ben stated, as he pulled out a Chinese mini-blade, he was about to slash at Timmy, only to be stopped by Danny using his katana.

"You want to get to him, you got to go through me!" Danny growled as he pushed Ben back, causing said teacher to fall in the crater. Ben got up annoyed, and launched an enormous aura sphere at Danny. Danny flinched and tried to shield himself from the blast while Timmy ran far away from the blast zone. When the attack connected a plumage of smoke surrounded the crater. When the smoke cleared, Danny noticed he was floating and transparent. "My powers are back!"

"Big deal," Ben growled, "I'm more powerful than yo-" Ben was cut off by Danny driving his foot straight into his belly. The force of the kick was enough to throw him out of the crater. Ben growled and regained his composure while floating in mid-air.

"You can fly too?" Danny growled.

"This is the result from years of training." Ben grinned. Danny growled at that remark, it reminded him of when he fought Vlad. Ben disappeared and reappeared behind Danny. Before Danny could react, Ben blasted an aura sphere at his back. The force sent Danny to the ground hard, Danny groaned and a white ring appeared around him. It split into two, turning his black samurai outfit into an inverted white version of it. Ben grinned and floated to the ground, right near Danny.

Edd whimpered as he saw Danny turn back into his human form. What could Edd do? He couldn't fight him, mostly due to the fact he was a pacifist by nature, but due to the state of his friends. Eddy was under a pile of rubble, while Ed was in a crater coughing up blood. Edd was snapped out of his thoughts when he saw Spongebob charge at Ben with anger in his eyes. Spongebob attempted to try and punch Ben, only for said teacher to catch the fist. Spongebob growled and attempted to punch him with his free hand, only for that one to be caught as well.

"Please, like you can do anythin-" Ben screamed as something sharp penetrated his left butt-cheek. Ben turned to see an arrow in his ass. He looked up to see Timmy with another arrow ready. Ben threw Spongebob at Timmy, causing the two to tumble to the ground. Danny saw Ben let down his guard for a second, enough time for him to go ghost once more. Danny immediately performed a leg sweep on Ben, causing the man to fall to the ground with a thud. Danny raised his leg up and brought his foot down hard on Ben's back, causing him to scream in pain. Ben growled and disappeared and reappeared a few feet away from them. "Prepare to lose bitches!"

"Double D, I have an idea, but do you know, any healing magic?" Jimmy shuddered at the thought of the word.

"I know Cura." Edd answered.

"Ok, look while me and the others are distracting him, you heal Eddy and Ed so we can surround him." Jimmy ran over to Spongebob, Danny and Timmy, as Edd ran over to dig out Eddy. Edd immediately dug Eddy out and placed his wand on the short Ed's chest. Edd's Comet Staff began to glow bright green, and suddenly Eddy's eyes snapped open.

"Damn it, what hit me?" Eddy groaned.

"Your brother." Edd stated bluntly. "Now we need to get Ed out of the crater." The two ran into the crater.

Back at the fight, Ben growled, as he began losing to those yahoos.

"Prepare to be blown away!" Ben shouted as he began to channel an attack. "Haidoken!" He shouted as he launched a blue energy ball at the four nicktoons. Danny stood in front of the blast and made a rectangular like shield in front of him, shielding him from the blast.

"Lets see if I can do that." Danny smirk as he thrust his hands forward. "Ghostdoken!" Danny launched a green energy ball at Ben, who deflected the blast.

"Time to end this." Ben stated. He began to channel his energy and began to chant ""

"Oh no you don't." Danny inhaled a big gust of air and exhaled a green sonic screech attack. The attack hit Ben before he could use his own attack. Ben was thrown back into five broken down houses. As this was all happening, Edd was healing Ed who was still unconscious. When the healing was over, Ed woke up and got to his feet in a hurry.

"I've risen!" Ed shouted over-dramatically.

"Yeah, yeah, save it Shakespeare." Eddy proclaimed as the three began to climb out of the crater. Ben groaned as he stood up to see he was surrounded by the seven students.

"I'm done. You guys pass." Ben stated as he held up a white surrender flag. Eddy growled and kicked his brother square in the crotch.

"That was for the knee jab!" Eddy shouted, as his brother held his crotch in pain.

"Congratulations, it seems the students graduated." A voice came from behind, which made the group turn to see it was Renamon, Luke, and Krystal.

"Wish they didn't have to destroy half of the courtyard." Luke stated.

"So now what do we do? Go look for the gems?" Danny questioned.

"Yes. Maximus should be programming a portal at Volcano Island as we speak." Krystal proclaimed.

"So lets go." Ben stated, as he recovered from his nut shot.

"Timmy, are your Fairy Program powers charged?" Jimmy asked.

"You know you can ask us." Wanda stated as they appeared. "We have just enough power for one wish."

"Good, I wish we were at Volcano Island." Timmy exclaimed as the group disappeared in a puff of pink smoke. They all reappeared in the volcano on Volcano Island. The inside of the Volcano looked like a laboratory control room with a big computer screen. They saw Maximus at the computer console fiddling with it trying to understand it. Maximus turned around to see that everyone was looking at him.

"Oh, so you guys passed. Well, there's going to be a delay on finding the gems." Maximus stated, which made the others groan (excluding Edd).

"What seems to be the delay?" Edd asked walking over to Maximus' side.

"Well, I've programmed the worlds where the gems are, but I can't seem to generate a portal to the first world." Maximus explained.

"Hmm," Jimmy examined the machine. "No wonder. The Neutronic Portal generator is out of juice. We'll have to reroute the coordinates to the first world to one of the portals we used to travel to Bikini Bottom."

Eddy and Ed laughed when Jimmy said those words. "What kind of person lives there? Bikini's that come to life?" Ed asked.

"I live there." Spongebob blushed as Ed and Eddy laughed harder.

"Should just take a few, minutes." Jimmy stated.

"Allow me to assist you." Edd smiled and began to assist Jimmy, and with their combined minds they were able to finish it in no time.

"The portal's fired up and ready to go." Jimmy proclaimed.

"Before you head off, we must tell you more about your new clothing and gems." Renamon explained.

"For starters, these clothes will change to match the world your in." Krystal explained. "When an enemy is near, your clothes will shift back into their original form, or as some would say battle mode. Now for the gems, each gem matches the animal of the warrior: Ice belongs to the wolf warrior, Thunder belongs to the dragon, Light belongs to the owl, Pride belongs to the lion, Love belongs to the bear, Heart belongs to the mouse, and Mind belongs to the crane."

"The powers that have laid dormant in you will awaken in the world where your gem is." Luke proclaimed.

"Wait, which gem is in this world?" Jimmy asked.

"Enough explaining, and see it for yourself." Ben proclaimed as he kicked the Eds and Nicktoons into the portal. The three anthromorphic teachers glared at Ben. "What? They were taking too long anyway."

"I hope they're strong enough for the journey." Maximus stated.

Behold chapter 6, sorry for the long wait

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors of the Wild Ch.6

Chapter 6 is here to stay! Also if you guys are wondering about the Journal entries, this is the last one that appears at the beginning of the chapter.

I do not own Ed, Edd n Eddy, they belong to Cartoon Network.

I do not own Nicktoons Unite!, they belong to THQ Games.

Also I may start posting more of these in the near future onto here in small doses. 

Broly VS Jasper Death Battle by Ghostdog123765
Broly VS Jasper Death Battle
I instantly thought of these two when I saw that episode and thought instantly of this

I do not own the two Characters
Anyone want a Death Battle art post?    
Monkey D Luffy VS Sonic The Werehog by Ghostdog123765
Monkey D Luffy VS Sonic The Werehog
Here's a request from :iconwarlordgab: that a did for him

I  do not own either character.
Tagged by :iconsupersmashbrony475:

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His Questions
1. Do you watch Steven Universe (I seen it and I love it :D)
Love it and want to hug it
2. Do you watch Deathbattle (I watch it and can't wait for Goku vs Superman rematch)
I do, but I disliked the Goku Rematch
3. Have you seen Antman? (I did and it was pretty cool, but trippy)
I haven't seen it but its kind of good
4. Who would win Razer of the Red Lantern corp or Demon Sunset (I believe Razer not because I hate Sunset Shimmer [Ok it's a little bit] but Razer has the red lantern ring and is powered by rage he would be the clear winner)
Demon Sunset
5. Who would you rather learn from Goku or Ryu (I would rather learn from Goku)
Goku due to his power
6. Did you play any of the Metal Gear Solid    (I do it's pretty cool)
Haven't played it
7. What do think of the new Fantastic 4 movie (I'd watch it)
I like the black human torch
8. What movie did you watch lately that was good (I would say Paul Blart 2)
The Book of Life
9. What's your favorite cartoon? (Steven Universe)
Littlest Pet Shop
10. You remember Ed Edd n Eddy? (It's hilarious)
I shall always remember them

My Questions
1. Ever played Kingdom Hearts?
2.What do you think of the Teen Titans GO! cartoon.
3. What did you think of Phineas and Ferb's Last Day Of Summer
4. Which is worst? Dog from CatDog or Modern Patrick from Modern Spongebob
5. If you had the power to bring cartoons to life would it be better for the world or worst?
6. What Cartoon do you think they should bring back at the cost of taking a cartoon off the air?
7. Which Cartoons do you remember? Krypto the Superdog, Road Rovers, Tom and Jerry Kids
8. Which pairing is good? CheesePie, SpongeSquirrel
9. Should they do this crossover? The Secret Trio Danny, Randy, Jake
10. What do you like best about the world

I tag you guys
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