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Hey may I ask some of you guys to wish :iconsashagami12: a happy birthday. Because yesterday was not only my birthday but it was also her birthday. 
Hey may I ask some of you guys to wish :iconsashagami12: a happy birthday. Because yesterday was not only my birthday but it was also her birthday. 

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Chapter Nine: Eddy or not here we Berk!

Eddy groaned as he dragged himself to the throne room where there was a table with empty plates on it. Krystal came in with the food and Luke came in with the drinks. He noticed Eddy leaning back in his chair, asleep.

"Eddy you ok?" Luke asked, poking the sleeping Ed. Eddy groaned as he opened his eyes. "Did ya get any sleep last night?"

"No! Thanks to Sarah being here, she kicked me out of my bed. I would've Aura Sphered her in the face if Ed didn't let her sleep there." Eddy growled.

"Geez. So where did you sleep?" Luke questioned.

"On the floor. My back is killing me." Eddy groaned as he stretched his back, causing a popping noise to be heard.

"Ouch...well have a Red Bull." Luke handed him a can. "It'll keep you up a bit."

"Thanks." Eddy opened the energy drink and guzzled it down. The others soon came in and sat at the table, ready to eat. When everyone had their fill, the only thing left on the table was a strip of bacon. Eddy smiled and reached for it, only to have a fork jabbed into his hand by Sarah, who took the bacon. Eddy growled as he removed the fork from his hand and reached over to snatch the bacon. Unfortunately he was stopped by an ice wolf biting his arm. Eddy screamed in pain as he tried to get the ice wolf to let go of his arm. "What the heck Ed?!" Eddy shouted.

"You shouldn't have reached for the bacon Eddy." Ed stated, as Sarah was behind him and stuck her tongue out at Eddy. Eddy growled as he kicked the Ice Wolf off of him. Not wanting to get into a fight he turned to Timmy.

"Timmy, tell your damn programs to take us back to Volcano Island." Eddy commanded. Timmy was about to say something smart back at him but he didn't want to get Eddy even more pissed.

"Cosmo, Wanda, Poof I wish we were all at Volcano Island." Timmy exclaimed, as pink smoke enveloped everyone in the room. They were soon back in the control room where Ben and Maximus were standing at the control panel. Ben grinned as he saw his brother had an annoyed expression.

"Hey Pipsqueak." Ben smirked.

"What?!" Eddy shouted. Ben disappeared and reappeared in front of Eddy and before Eddy could react, Ben kneed him in the gut. Eddy groaned and held his stomach in pain.

"That's what." Ben laughed as Eddy fell to the ground.

"Lay off, Ben." Luke proclaimed.

"Maximus, do you have the portal ready for the next world?" Danny asked.

"Yes. Be warned: there are fearsome creatures in this world." Maximus stated.

"Whatever." Eddy muttered, as Maximus began to open the portal to the new world.

"Eddy, your arm is bleeding!" Edd proclaimed.

"Oh yeah, it must be where Ed's dumb ice wolf bit me." Eddy stated, as he held his arm up showing that his sleeve was torn from the bite.

"I'll bandage it, you guys go on ahead into the new world." Luke suggested.

"Alright." The six other heroes jumped into the portal, leaving Eddy to be bandaged by the Aura Teacher.

"This sucks. If Ed didn't get that wolf to bite me, I wouldn't be here." Eddy growled.

"Be glad that wasn't an ice werewolf, otherwise you'd be growing hair all over your body." Luke joked, as he bandaged Eddy's arm.

"Whatever, I got to go." Eddy ran to the portal, jumping through.

"Oops..." Ben stated sarcastically.

"What?" Renamon questioned.

"When Eddy stepped through the portal I set the coordinates for a far part in the other world." Ben grinned.

"You idiot!" Luke shouted.

~Where Eddy is~

Eddy came out of the portal only to find he was ten thousand feet in the air. "I am so going to kill my brother." Eddy stated before plummeting to his doom. He felt his life flash before his eyes and realized he was in way too many fanfics. "At this rate, I'll be in more silly fics than that Harry Potter guy." He suddenly felt a jerk and he landed on the back of a saddle. He looked up to see a girl with blonde hair and viking clothing. He sat upright on the saddle, and poked her shoulder a bit. He looked over and saw they were riding a blue dragon with spikes coming out the back of its head. "Hey, um thanks for saving my life." Eddy stated.

"No problem. Say, did you lose your dragon?" the girl asked.

"My dragon?" Eddy questioned.

"Well you fell from high up. Normally a person couldn't get to that height without a dragon." the girl stated.

"Uh, it's hard to explain how I got up here. My name's Eddy by the way." Eddy exclaimed, since the wind was against them.

"I'm Astrid! So are you an outsider, or do you come from a different clan?" Astrid asked.

"Uh, why do you ask?"

"Mostly cause you have on weird clothes." Eddy looked down to see he was still in his hoodie and blue pants. He wondered if he was in the right world since his clothes hadn't changed.

"Look, I'm looking for my friends. I got separated from them." Eddy proclaimed.

"Alright, but we got to make a stop first." Astrid replied.

"Where?" Eddy questioned.

"To the Dragon Academy." Astrid stated, as they were now over a viking village. They were now over a cage-like arena, where Eddy could see three more dragons with four people: a giant red one, a short brown one that had a hard skin, and a two headed green one. He couldn't see who the people were from the height they were at. Astrid landed her dragon through the entrance of the arena. Eddy was able to see the people more clearly. One was a male teen on the plus side, and had on a brown sleeveless shirt made out of fur, he had blonde hair and a viking helmet. The other one was a teen who had a viking helmet with twisted horns, a black vest made out of black fur, a light gray shirt, a black belt, and brown pants. The last two were twins but one of them was a boy and the other was a girl; they both had the same long hair, only the girl's hair was braided. They were in the same outfit, only thing was the boy was in a vest of fur. Eddy and Astrid jumped off the dragon, with Astrid landing perfectly and Eddy landing smack dab on his face.

"Damn it." Eddy muttered as he stood up.

"Hey Astrid, who's this clown?" the teen with the black fur vest walked over to them.

"This is Eddy." Astrid introduced Eddy.

"Eddy? That's a dumb name." the teen laughed.

"Oh yeah, what's your name?" Eddy questioned.

"Snotlout." Snotlout posed as he said that.

"Snotlout? Man your parents must hate you if they gave you a name like that." Eddy chuckled.

"At least my name is cooler than 'Eddy'." Snotlout countered.

"Say, what's your clothes made of?" the plump teen asked, as he examined his clothes.

"Uh, cotton I guess?" Eddy looked down at his clothes.

"It looks more than just cotton." The teen examined Eddy's clothes much to his displeasure.

"May I ask who's asking?" Eddy glared at the fat teen.

"Oh, I'm Fishlegs." Fishlegs stated, causing Eddy to laugh.

"What is with the names?!" Eddy choked out laughing. He then looked at the twins. "What are your names? Barf and Belch?"

"No, those our are dragon's names. I'm Tuffnut, and this is my lame sister Ruffnut." Tuffnut stated, making Eddy laugh even harder.

"Oh man, what next? Is a kid named Hiccup going to come in here?" Eddy choked out.

"Eddy!" Eddy turned, only to be tackled to the ground by his heavy friend.

"Ed you moron, get off me!" Eddy shouted.

"It seems you already found your friend." a voice stated. Eddy looked up to see a skinny teen, with brown dark hair, brown eyes, a green shirt covered by a brown fur vest, and brown pants. He also saw his friends standing behind him.

"Who are you?!" Eddy growled.

"Eddy, be nice! This is Hiccup." Edd stated, causing Eddy to burst out laughing.

"Oh man! Hiccup, Snotlout, Fishlegs, Tuffnut, Ruffnut! Those are the funniest names I've ever heard!" Eddy laughed a bit.

"The only funny name here is Eddy, shorty." A male voice stated, causing Eddy to stop laughing.

"Alright who said that?!" Eddy shouted.

"Said what?" Danny questioned.

"I heard someone say, 'The only funny name here is Eddy, shorty'." Eddy repeated the words he heard.

"No one said that." Timmy stated.

"Oh, so you heard that?" the voice stated again.

"You're damn right I heard it!" Eddy shouted, making everyone in the arena look at him weirdly.

"Eddy are you feeling alright?" Edd questioned as he put a forehand on his friend's head.

"I'm not sick, I know I heard someone say that!" Eddy growled.

"Geez, you have a short fuse on ya. Then again you are short." the voice proclaimed, making Eddy grab his head in anger.

"Shut up!" Eddy shouted.

"Eddy, calm down." Edd proclaimed.

"I'm not crazy. Maybe if you guys shut up we could hear it!" Eddy growled.

"Maybe you can talk to dead people." Tuffnut proclaimed.

"And you can see ghosts." Ruffnut added.

"Ok, I'm ignoring you two." Eddy stated.

"Wise choice." Astrid stated. Edd blinked his eyes twice and began to see a box over Eddy similar to the one over Ed, [New Ability: Dragon Tongue.]

"Um, Eddy perhaps we should go?" Edd suggested.

"No way! I'm not leaving til' I find out who's talking!" Eddy exclaimed loudly, looking around the arena.

"God, your voice is louder than a Thunderdrum's." a female voice stated. Eddy saw who had said those words – it was Astrid's dragon who said it.

"Ok, I am losing my mind." Eddy sat down on the ground.

"Sounds about right." Snotlout bluntly stated.

"What makes you say that?" Hiccup walked over to Eddy.

"Because, I heard that blue needle dragon thing say, 'My voice is louder than a Thunderdrum's.' Whatever that is." Eddy sighed.

"Alright can someone tell us what's going on? Cause I blacked out for a minute." Tuffnut questioned.

"Maybe we should tell them?" Edd whispered to Danny.

"Tell us what?" Astrid overheard Edd.

"Well this is going to be a long story, so you might want to sit down." Danny suggested. Everyone sat at a nearby bench.

~30 minutes later~

"So you guys are from another world? And you're trying to stop a guy named Gawmu, who has the power to pull worlds together? And you guys somehow acquired abilities that are new to you?" Hiccup summarized it up.

"Sounds about right." Danny nodded.

"Ok, how do we know you're not all crazy?" Snotlout questioned.

"Oh for the love of – Going Ghost!" Danny shouted as a white blue ring changed his samurai outfit into his black and gray jumpsuit. This surprised everyone (excluding the Eds and the other Nicktoons) to see Danny in a different outfit.

"Ok, we believe you. So why was Eddy freaking out?" Hiccup asked.

"We think his ability is to speak with dragons." Edd stated.

"Is that why he's having an argument with Toothless?" Fishlegs asked, pointing to Eddy who appeared to be chatting (arguing) with Toothless.

"At least I'm taller when I stand, I bet when you're on all fours, your body is at the ground." Toothless stated.

"Oh yeah, at least I have all my limbs, unlike you Mr. Fake tail fin!" Eddy shouted.

"God, Stormfly was right, your voice is louder than a Thunderdrum's." Toothless proclaimed.

"Eddy, I don't know much about your conversation, but you should stop." Edd stated.

"But, he-" Eddy was cut off an explosion that sounded like thunder striking the ground.

"What the hell was that?!" Danny shouted.

"It sounded like it came from the center of the island." Hiccup stated.

"We better get there." The dragon riders soon mounted up.

"Hey can we hitch a ride?" Danny asked.

"Sure." Astrid stated. Eddy and Danny rode on Hiccup's dragon, Edd and Spongebob rode on Fishlegs, Jimmy and Timmy rode on Tuffnut and Ruffnut's dragon, and Ed rode on Snotlout's dragon. They soon flew over head of the island and saw a plumage of smoke that gave off sparks. When the smoke cleared, it showed a teen with blue hair and light dark skin, wearing a thunderbolt shaped necklace in a brown shirt with a skull strapped to it and brown shorts. The Eds eyes widened in horror and realization at who it was.

"ROLF!" The Eds shouted in horror. The dragon riders soon landed on the ground next to Rolf.

"Ah, the ne'er-do-well Ed-Boys. Good to see you, after so long." Rolf grinned evilly.

"Rolf, I thought you were our friend!?" Edd questioned.

"I only live to serve Gawmu. He has shown me the true power of darkness!" Rolf shouted as purple lightning struck around them. "And now, Eddy, I challenge you to a duel!"

"A duel?" Jimmy questioned.

"A battle of strengths!" Rolf shouted.

"No way!" Eddy shouted.

"If you do not, then Rolf shall destroy this island!" Rolf exclaimed.

"Go ahead, destroy it for all I care." Eddy replied looking at his fingernails, while everyone glared at him. "What? Its not like he's going to do it! He's too chicken to do it."

"Chicken, is Rolf? Then let Rolf up the ante and up the stakes!" Rolf charged at Ed and Edd, catching them off guard. He shoved his hands into their chest causing blood to spit out. Rolf pulled his hands out of the two Eds' chests, holding two orbs, one green and one red. Eddy's eyes widened in shock as a little bit of blood got on his hoodie. Astrid and Hiccup checked the two Eds to see if they could stop the bleeding but for some strange reason there was no wound on them.

"What did you do to them?" Eddy growled. His eyes flashed green for a split second.

"Rolf merely ripped out their souls. Now, until short-loudmouth Ed boy beats Rolf, the two other Ed-Boys' souls shall belong to Rolf!" Rolf smiled evilly.

"You want a duel, then fine!" Eddy grabbed his scythe and took to a battle position.

"Prepare for the battle, loser Ed-boy!" Rolf snapped his fingers and both he and Eddy disappeared in a puff of smoke.

In a floating abyss-like arena...

Eddy and Rolf appeared in the center of the arena, where there was a glowing white orb holding the two Eds' souls. Rolf was holding a battle axe that was giving off sparks, thanks to the Thundergem around his neck. Eddy knew this would be more of a challenge with that Thunder Gem on him.

"Before we fight, wager the Thunder Gem as well!" Eddy suggested.

"Hmm, and what shall you give Rolf in return if Rolf is victorious?" Rolf stated.

"You can have Ed's Ice Gem." Eddy wagered. Now the stakes were higher than ever.

"An accord it is then?" Rolf held out his hand, which Eddy shook, causing both hands to glow black. Rolf jumped back fifteen feet and threw the Thunder Gem into the orb. The Ice Gem appeared in Eddy's hand, which made him think about Ed.

"I'll save you guys, I promise." Eddy muttered quietly, as he threw the Ice Gem into the orb as well.

"Rolf can still crush you without the aid of the Thunder Gem." Rolf charged at Eddy with the Battle Axe glowing black. Eddy intercepted the attack with his Scythe though it was hard to hold it back. Rolf slashed at Eddy's side, and lucky for Eddy, it only grazed him, leaving a small, but deep, cut on his shoulder. Eddy growled and recoiled as he held his shoulder in pain. Eddy looked up to see Rolf holding his battle axe up high, ready to bring it down. Eddy immediately dodged the attack, only to fall on his back. Rolf grinned and stepped on Eddy's chest and began to put all of his weight onto it. Eddy began to scream in pain at the pressure of Rolf stepping on his chest. Eddy closed his eyes and fainted from the pain. "You were no match for Rolf, spiky haired Ed-Boy." Rolf began to walk away from Eddy's unconscious body and over to the floating orb that contained not only Ed and Edd's soul, but the two gems as well.

Before Rolf could reach it, a blast of energy hit him in the back. He turned to see Eddy standing (barely), holding his scythe menacingly at Rolf. His eyes were no longer his calm sapphire blue eyes. They were now similar to a Night Fury's.

"So you found the strength to stand?" Rolf grinned evilly.

"I am going to end you!" Eddy's scythe began to glow bright white.

"Hmph. We shall settle this with a final battle attack! Last one standing wins the duel!" Rolf's battle axe began to glow dark purple.

"Deal!" Eddy and Rolf soon clashed their weapons together, causing an enormous explosion with both sides' power not letting up. The energy soon dissipated and smoke filled the air. Eddy and Rolf panted. Suddenly Eddy had a huge wound on his right shoulder which spit blood onto the arena floor. Eddy used his scythe to prop him up so he wouldn't fall over. Rolf's skull shirt fell to the ground as a deep slash wound was bored across his chest. Rolf fell to the ground in a pile of blood.

"It seems your will to win, and your cause for winning, was stronger than mine." Rolf muttered as he passed out from the loss of blood. Suddenly the two of them, along with the glowing orb, appeared in the center of Berk, where the Nicktoons and Dragon Riders were looking at him. Before they could rejoice, a dark corridor opened next to Rolf. Two people stepped out of the dark Corridor, to reveal it was...

"VLAD?!" Danny shouted.

"DENNIS?!" Spongebob shouted.

"Good to see that you remember me after 5 years." Dennis grinned underneath his bandanna. He picked up Rolf's unconscious body. "It seems these weaklings Gawmu got from that world aren't fit to wield the power of darkness."

"Quite a shame." Vlad grinned evilly. "By the way Eddy, I don't think you deserve the prize of your friends souls."

"What's that mean?!" Eddy growled at Vlad.

"You're the embodiment of greed, you're sinful, you deserve to be left alone in the dark." Vlad grabbed the two orbs that were in the white orb. "But, if you think you deserve your friends souls, come to Dragon Island. There, we shall battle." Vlad wrapped himself in his cape and disappeared, while Dennis walked back into the Dark Corridor which disappeared as he entered. Eddy's eyes were full of rage; not only did his friends' lifeless bodies lay on the ground, some fruit loop said he didn't deserve them. Eddy blinked his eyes once, and soon they were the same as a Night Fury's once more. Eddy looked down and saw that Vlad had left the two gems on the ground. Eddy place the Thunder Gem around his neck and placed the Ice Gem in his hoodie pocket.

"Hiccup! I'm taking Toothless!" Eddy shouted as he walked over and saddled up on Toothless.

"You don't know where Dragon Island is! Or how to ride Toothless!" Hiccup stated.

"That's why I'm going to let him drive!" Eddy shouted as they soon took to the air.

"How was he able to take off without knowing how to ride Toothless?" Astrid questioned.

"He's going to get himself killed. We got to saddle up and follow after him." Danny suggested. They soon mounted, with Hiccup riding with Astrid and Danny, and the others on the same dragons as before, only with Ed and Edd resting on Fishleg's dragon. Meanwhile, Eddy flew at 75 miles per hour on the back of the Night Fury. He only had one thing on his mind: that Vlad was going to die a slow and painful death a thousand times worse than Rolf.

Ed, Edd n Eddy Unite: Warriors Of The Wild Ch.9

I do not own Ed, Edd n Eddy, they belong to Cartoon Network.

I do not own Nicktoons Unite!, they belong to THQ Games.

Talk about a Cliffhanger! As Eddy races to Dragon Island, what will Vlad have in store for
Eddy? And will Ed and Edd be saved in the midst of Eddy's victory? This is Ghostdog 2.5 signing out, PEACE! :)


Tagged by :iconsupersmashbrony475:

1) You must post these rules. Or not. I don't care.
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person that tagged you and make up 10 for the people you tag.
3) Choose 10 people to tag and put their icons in your journal.
4) You have to legitimately tag 10 people. Or don't. You're a human being with your own thoughts and ideas.
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His Questions
1. Do you watch Steven Universe (I seen it and I love it :D)
Love it and want to hug it
2. Do you watch Deathbattle (I watch it and can't wait for Goku vs Superman rematch)
I do, but I disliked the Goku Rematch
3. Have you seen Antman? (I did and it was pretty cool, but trippy)
I haven't seen it but its kind of good
4. Who would win Razer of the Red Lantern corp or Demon Sunset (I believe Razer not because I hate Sunset Shimmer [Ok it's a little bit] but Razer has the red lantern ring and is powered by rage he would be the clear winner)
Demon Sunset
5. Who would you rather learn from Goku or Ryu (I would rather learn from Goku)
Goku due to his power
6. Did you play any of the Metal Gear Solid    (I do it's pretty cool)
Haven't played it
7. What do think of the new Fantastic 4 movie (I'd watch it)
I like the black human torch
8. What movie did you watch lately that was good (I would say Paul Blart 2)
The Book of Life
9. What's your favorite cartoon? (Steven Universe)
Littlest Pet Shop
10. You remember Ed Edd n Eddy? (It's hilarious)
I shall always remember them

My Questions
1. Ever played Kingdom Hearts?
2.What do you think of the Teen Titans GO! cartoon.
3. What did you think of Phineas and Ferb's Last Day Of Summer
4. Which is worst? Dog from CatDog or Modern Patrick from Modern Spongebob
5. If you had the power to bring cartoons to life would it be better for the world or worst?
6. What Cartoon do you think they should bring back at the cost of taking a cartoon off the air?
7. Which Cartoons do you remember? Krypto the Superdog, Road Rovers, Tom and Jerry Kids
8. Which pairing is good? CheesePie, SpongeSquirrel
9. Should they do this crossover? The Secret Trio Danny, Randy, Jake
10. What do you like best about the world

I tag you guys
:iconsashagami12: :iconmatededdneddy: :iconchrisnest: :iconfrozarburst: :iconcrb145: 
Hey may I ask some of you guys to wish :iconsashagami12: a happy birthday. Because yesterday was not only my birthday but it was also her birthday. 

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